CowanSim releases 500E for MSFS

New helicopters are slowly starting to arrive in Microsoft Flight Simulator and CowanSim’s latest helicopter to make the jump from X-Plane is the CowanSim 500E. It’s just been released on the company website with a lag time anticipated for its arrival in the marketplace. Here’s what has just become available!

Small and zippy

From what I’ve heard about the Bell 500E, this is a seriously zippy light helicopter with sensitive controls and impressive performance. For some helicopter fans, that might sound like a bit of a handful while others are going to be overjoyed that this diminutive helicopter has arrived to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As with the 206B3 release, this helicopter comes packaged with 4K PBR textures, WWise dynamic sound package, VR ready, realistic startup procedure, custom instruments, detailed night lighting, and detailed flight modeling. There’s a float option for water landings too. There’s also 48 liveries available so you’ll have tons to choose from!

CowanSim are both good at and have quite a plan for updates to their products and the 500E is no different. Future free updates include a optional spot light, spray kit, and cineflex camera. There are also a number of quirks with the helicopter setup right now and their website report that you’ll have to use the mouse or VR controller to move the throttle into position for now – key bindings from Asobo are planned for a future update.

The CowanSim 500E is available on their website for $32.99 USD. It is expected to come to the marketplace later.


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