PMDG announce 737-900 release date and DC-6 updates

A few news items coming from PMDG these days with some updates to their 737NG line, a release date for the 737-900 variant of the 737, talk about their EFB/tablet implementation and even some updates for the venerable DC-6.

737-900 on the way

PMDG are now on course, having completed beta testing and are now in final checks, for the release of the 737-900. The release date, as given, is February 7 subject to change if the final check reveals any issues. PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo said, “This buildout took quite a bit longer than planned but we are really happy with hose she has turned out.”

Pricing has not yet been announced but the same update reported that the 737-900 would be priced somewhere between the 737-600 (a relative bargain in the airliner space at $34.99 USD) and the -700 and -800 currently on a lengthy sale at $59.99). The package will include the 737-900 and 737-900ER with blended and split scimitar winglet options.

At the same time, smaller updates are planned for the -600, -700 and -800 products mostly aimed at bug fixes.

Update: An earlier version of the article said Feb 23 was the release date but it is intact Feb 7.

The ‘Universal Flight Tablet’

PMDG are still working on their EFB or ‘Universal Fight Tablet’ implementation for the 737 line. The feature was at one time slated for release in the middle of 2022, however, things have taken longer and the update suggests a number of technical hurdles to work through getting the tablet interface to interact both with external data and with the airliner itself.

All of this contained in the latest update post on the PMDG website.

DC-6 updates too

PMDG’s first product for Microsoft Flight Simulator was the DC-6 and I know a bunch of people who have become real fans of this product. That PMDG continue to upgrade it just makes it all the more appealing and with Microsoft Flight Simulator itself having changed so much it’s good to see that PMDG are on top of updates.

In a post on the PMDG forums, Robert Randazzo reported on a number of features that have been updated on their PMDG ops center and that are also coming to the Marketplace version as soon as its approved by Microsoft.

Here are the features:

  • Utilize the Working Title GNS430 for GPS and autopilot
  • Flight model stability alterations and improvements
  • Autopilot tuning and improvements
  • Increase resolution and sharpness of some overhead panel placards
  • Fix for gyro-pilot dropping out of NAV mode when disabling ALT HOLD
  • GPS now correctly powers on/off/reboots with avionics master
  • Fix to prevent gyro-pilot’s 2 minute ‘gyro erection timer’ interfering with gyro-pilot use when spawning already airborne airborne​.

The same update suggests that additional GPS options are planned but aren’t yet ready to be revealed. Sounds interesting and it may bring additional flexibility to PMDG DC-6 flyers.

All good news for PMDG fans!


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  1. Kirk Sunley says:

    The 900 date of release is expected to be on 7 February 2023…


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