FlyByWire provides a new developer preview of their A380X project

Freeware aircraft developers FlyByWire are continuing to work on their highly anticipated Airbus A380 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The project is being done by the developers as a freeware addition to the sim using all of the knowledge and expertise amassed for the A320neo upgrade project. The latest developer diary goes into depth and detail on the visual work being done on the project and its very impressive.

Paint, wear, dirt and all of the details

Mike, one of the artists working on the visual details of the A380X project, provides a 10-minute overview in this latest preview. He goes into the details of what it took to make the interior and exterior details for the A380X including how the UV mapping, roughmet, and other texture techniques were applied.

The end results speak for themselves but they are definitely up there in quality and easily match many of the other payware projects that it will exist alongside.

The end of the update also gives us a sneak peek at the next feature which will apparently be about the audio for the A380. The preview sounds really good too! Have a look and a listen.


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