PMDG releases 737-900

The fourth 737 NG series from PMDG has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The longest 737 in the series brings with it some interesting challenges for the sim airliner fan. Let’s have a look at what’s just been released!

The 737, stretched

Boeing’s 737-900 and 900ER are the stretched versions of the 737 series. With the same fuel capacity as the -800, the -900 traded range for carrying capacity with maximum seating capacity of 189 although many were configured in a 2-class layout bringing the number down slightly to 177. Alaska Airlines was the launch customer but Boeing struggled to find many customers.The -900ER with two extra fuel tanks added range to the airplane and this version proved much more popular with 505 of the type delivered. This is the subject of the latest release.

PMDG have released both the -900 and -900ER today featuring all of the features that people have come to expect from the company. Highly detailed recreations of the 737-900 series are here along with some options for payload, winglets, and flight modeling specific to the type.

The 737-900 in particular provides a challenge because its lengthened fuselage has available angle for takeoff and the heavier aircraft requires a longer takeoff run. Not a big deal for major airports but if you’re used to squeaking your 737 into some smaller places it may prove to be a challenge.

PMDG continue to experiment with price as well. the 737-700 and -800 are on a lengthy sale right now of $69.99 USD and the 737-600 has stuck to a very reasonable $34.99 USD. This latest version? It fits right in the middle at $49.99 USD.

Right now the 737-900 is only on the PMDG website. At some point it will join the -700 on the MSFS Marketplace, however, that process has been lengthy so if you’re keen to have it you will probably want to go for the PMDG website purchase.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    $50 is a good price point considering the extremely minor differences between the 900 & 900ER, and the fact that it is a popular IRL variant that will support a “higher” addon price than the low production volume -600.

    And as far as the 900 “Extended Range”, I’m quite happy flying 2x as far in my BBJ 😉


  2. The amount of complaints regarding the EFB is crazy, still a lot of hard feelings towards PMDG in the community


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I suspect at this point the delay in the feature is probably the thing causing the most amount of annoyance by airliner fans. I am sure, however, that the wait will be worth it as PMDG seems to do some really good work.


  3. Jamal says:

    Are you guys making this 737-900 for regular FSX? I’m asking this because I don’t have flight simulator 2020. I only have regular FSX.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Jamal. I don’t make anything, I just report the news.

      PMDG’s recent work has been all oriented to the most recent Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some people call it MSFS or MSFS2020.

      FSX had a very long life and I don’t see many devs doing work for it.


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