iniBuilds announces Bf108 Taifun

Following on from their successful P-40F Warhawk, the next classic airplane that iniBuilds are doing for Microsoft Flight Simulator has just been revealed. It’s a Bf108 Taifun! Check out the work they’ve been doing on it so far.

Lots of Taifun

The Bf108 was designed as a single-engine sport aircraft in 1935. Designed by Messerschmitt before the war, 885 were built and it was flown by various operators around the world.

Some of the features that iniBuilds are taking advantage of with the Bf108 include using the MSFS CFD flight model technology on the control surfaces and propeller. The type’s leading edge slats give it the ability to land as slow as 45 knots and iniBuilds are making sure that the virtual version matches this real world capability.

An authentic fuel system is also being modeled with the quirks and capabilities of the Argus As10 engine all baked into the simulation. iniBuilds is a bit less specific on what they are doing with regards to the engine but it sounds like some under the hood details are being worked on.

A toggleable tablet interface will also let you manage maintenance features, change the panel language, change the units, make the curtains visible or invisible, and select a rain cover. Other interactive features include foldable wings which make the aircraft easier to store. There will also be a WWISE sound set and ten 4K liveries, automated checklists.

Check out the announcement here!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Not going to fall this time around.
    Their P-40 was really mediocre.
    Way to dilute a brand.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Everyone I’ve heard from seemed to be pretty positive about the P-40 from iniBuilds. I take it your experience was less positive.


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