iniBuilds store purchases go to Turkey/Syria earthquake relief

The scenes of devastation out of Turkey/Türkiye and Syria after a pair of devastating earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks have levelled whole neighbourhoods have been shocking. A lot of folks are looking for ways to help out and iniBuilds and one of their partners, MXI Design, have announced that money will be going to relief efforts. Here are the details.

A sale and donations

Announced earlier today, iniBuilds announced via tweet and on their website that they would be donating 25% of all revenue generated by sales from the iniBuilds Store, from any product, to be then donated towards helping people out who have been affected by this devastating natural disaster.

Here’s the tweet:

The scenery makers MXI Design have thrown their hat into the ring as well. Their products, sold through the iniBuilds website, are also going to be donating in connection with a sale on all of scenery products by the design group. The sale knocks 50% off the price and MXI Design specifically will be donating 100% of that revenue to help the earthquake survivors. Nice touch.

Other ways to donate more directly

Buying products from iniBuilds directly isn’t going to be as effective at getting relief to survivors of the earthquakes as donating to other sources, however, if you were already planning on buying something through their store it is a nice added touch to be able to support a good cause. I applaud the effort!

If you are interested in sending support, most charities are looking for monetary donations which can then be used flexibly to support aid efforts. I’ve personally donated to the Canadian Red Cross which is currently having its donations matched by the Canadian government. Effectively doubling the donation.

I’m sure the Red Cross and Red Crescent in other countries are able to offer similar support. Donating to charities can be complicated and so I do recommend people choose their choice of charity carefully should you feel so inclined to donate.

To the people affected, my heart goes out to you and I hope for the best for everyone.


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