News round-up: MiG-23, Sales, free E-Jets from X-Crafts, more!

Flight sim news just keeps on flowing fast and furious and in my ongoing efforts to keep everyone up to date with the latest information from around the community, here are some stories that you might want to check out! We’ve got new images and features coming from RAZBAM on the MiG-23 and M-2000C, a couple of sales from VSkyLabs and Big Radials, and X-Crafts just made their older v2.5 E-Jets series free. Yep! Let’s go!

RAZBAM MiG-23 and M-2000C tweets

A couple of tweets from RAZBAM CEO Ron Zambrano this week with a very interesting, pulled apart, MiG-23MLA damage model examination. As written, its a work in progress but it is a clear indication of more forward momentum on the MiG-23MLA.

And RAZBAM’s first DCS World module continues to get some love too. Here we see the adjustable mirrors and sunshades in action.

Big VSkyLabs sale

X-Plane developer VSkyLabs is offering 50% off on most of their collection – and it is an extensive collection. They offer several versions of the DC-3, the Cabri G2, Icon A5, and a bunch of other aircraft that you or may not have heard of before. It’s an interesting collection.

E Jets are now free

X-Crafts has just announced that their X-Plane 11 compatible E-Jets Combo v2.5 is now free. The combo pack includes both their E-175 and E-195 jets. These are going to be supplanted by an all new version of the Embraer E-Jets series that is currently under development. This may also be a sign that X-Crafts is nearly ready with their next generation offering.

In the meantime, if you are still an X-Plane 11 flyer, these airliners might be worth a look!

iniBuilds P-40F Warhawk now on marketplace and Xbox

More Taifun

iniBuilds also announced this week that they were developing a Bf108 Taifun, a German sport airplane from the 1930s, as the next airplane in their classics series. A new video shows off the aircraft in detail.

Helipads LA Medical is now out

Now that we have helicopters, we need places and scenery for them to fly to and that’s where Orbx is filling in some details. Their LA Medical package is now out featuring several different hospitals and their associated helipads to fly from and to!

Big Radials sale

The folks at Big Radials are having a sale on the MSFS Marketplace. Save 40% off on the JRF-6 Goose, Nieuport 17, and P-40B Tomahawk. I’ve reviewed both the Nieuport 17 and P-40B and found them to be fun warbirds to experience in MSFS.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Seems kind of funny that movable mirrors are a thing. Maybe they are harder to do than landing a dog on the sun, but given all the other stuff that exists, it just seems like no big deal.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      A few developers have told me over the years that drawing a mirror in a simulation is one of the hardest things that you can do. Making them move, must add to the complexity? I don’t know. It looks neat! ☺️


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