Catching up with Sim Works Studios’ latest news: PC-12, RV-10, more!

The folks at Sim Works Studios are busy building plenty of content for Microsoft Flight Simulator and over the last couple of weeks they’ve dropped a bunch of updates via their Facebook page that you might want to know about. Those updates include news of features and fixes for some of their released aircraft including the recently released RV-10 and some talk about the PC-12. Let’s go!

Updates for RV-10, Kodiak

Released a couple of weeks ago now, SWS’ RV-10 is a follow-on to their popular RV-14 that they released last year. The aircraft has come out of the gate in very good shape already but SWS are known for supporting products post release and so there are some tweaks to the aircraft already.

Here’s the change log for the latest update:

  • Added white livery with dynamic registration
  • Corrected aspect ratio for registration numbers
  • Implemented TDS GTN650Xi. The touch screen will appear automatically if the instrument is detected running.
  • Added GTN650 click sounds
  • Added brochure and tablet sounds
  • Various code fixes

SWS are also now selling the RV-10 on Orbx, Contrail, SimMarket, and JustFlight.

The Kodiak 100, their first and arguably one of the best GA aircraft available in MSFS, is also getting some attention. They will be adding the Sky4Sim tablet as well as conducting a remodel of the seats for the aircraft to improve accuracy while also reducing the polygon count for added performance.

PC-12 news too

There’s quite a bit of good news from SWS on their PC-12 too. A key milestone has been passed with the aircraft’s 3D model finalized and headed to implementation into Microsoft Flight Simulator very soon. At the same time, textures are reportedly now underway too.

Their work on systems and flight modelling is also in progress with the EFIS50 now in the cockpit and the flight model apparently already in a very good place. The electrical system is also in, the engine is being tweaked for fuel flow, torque, and speed to ensure that it matches the manual.

They also tease some new cool features but that they aren’t quite ready to show it off yet.

Okavango Delta update

SWS also do scenery and they specifically created the Okavango Delta to go along with the Kodiak and potentially other future aircraft. The latest update in the works will add another 16 airstrips, more camps, and a new feature – reacting animals that may run away from the sound of your aircraft. That sounds cool!

This update is due late in February or early March.

That’s a summary of what the team at SWS have been up to. They continue to impress with a variety of interesting aircraft and regular updates and it’s good to hear what they are busy doing.


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  1. Alex says:

    I wonder if they still plan to release their f-4 as freeware


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