Sim Works Studios updates on PC-12, announces Kodiak 900!

A bunch of interesting updates coming from Sim Works Studios today as they update us on the latest surrounding their PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and announce both a survey and a bunch of new products coming up including the Kodiak 900! Let’s have a look.

PC-12 updates

Updates continue on the PC-12 with both the 47 and NG versions currently being setup with the avionics, electrical, deicing, pressurization, and other systems. SWS are implementing a custom ITT simulation in the aircraft ensuring that it performs accurately. Their results sound promising as the simulated airplane is as close as 1-3 knots as the real world version. I’d say that’s close enough!

Meanwhile the model is still being updated and they have indicated that we may see an implemented model appear within just a few weeks.

The Kodiak 900 announced

Sim Works Studios Kodiak 100 earned plenty of praise and helped put Sim Works Studios on the map as quality MSFS developer. Their Kodiak 100 remains one of my favourite airplanes to fly in the sim and its terrific fun flying it into just about any kind of airport.

It’s not a surprise then that SWS have announced a follow-up to the Kodiak 100 with the Kodiak 900. Announced last year, the 900 is a stretched 100 with an extra 3.9 foot added to the fuselage and a more powerful 900-shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-140A engine. Reports are that the aircraft can reach 2,000 feet a minute depending on weight and configuration. The cargo pod is standard on the 900. It’s also faster than the Kodiak 100 with a 210 knot maximum speed.

Check out the promo video from Kodiak for a detailed explanation of what the new airplane will be like – and translate that to MSFS of course.

They also report that this will be the first for four Daher aircraft coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator from the SWS team. Daher only make two aircraft lines right now with the Kodiak and TBM with various versions on offer. With the TBM 930 already on offer in the base version of the sim, its possible that they will add an older 800 series TBM with a conventional six pack gauge set and a brand new TBM to differentiate? I’m curious to sees!


The folks at Sim Works Studios are also putting out a survey to ask various questions about products that we might want to see. Check out the survey here.


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