iniBuilds releases Bf108 for MSFS, also the Flying Flea

Two products that are new to the iniBuilds webstore as of today. First, iniBuilds own Bf108 Taifun for Microsoft Flight Simulator has now been released with a pack full of features. Then there’s a new developer that iniBuilds has highlighted today with the release of the Flying Flea. It’s goofy and fun looking and I wanted to share. So let’s have a look!

Taifun is here!

IniBuilds Classic series has gained a new airplane on Friday releasing the Bf108 Taifun to their online store.

The aircraft makes use of MSFS’ CFD flight model system for flight surfaces, control surfaces and the propeller. They have an authentically modeled engine and fuel system, leading edge slats for short take off capabilities, a fully functional EFB, WWISE sound set and 4K liveries.

iniBuilds are selling the Bf 108 on their store for £14.99 GBP (excluding VAT), €16.97 EUR or $17.91 USD (with currency conversion).

The Flying Flea?

One of the great things about the nature of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the sheer number of developers who are willing to build something a bit off the beaten path. Amidst the usual selections of Boeings, Cirrus and Cessna airplanes, the warbirds, helicopters and airliners, you get the unique. Here’s one of those.

Rara-Avis Sims presents the Flying Flea £15.99 GBP (€18.11 EUR or $19.11 USD) through the iniBuilds webstore. It’s a simulation of the HM.14, a tandem wing airplane from the early days of aviation. Although the airplane has a conventional stick the control setup is very different from a conventional airplane. Fore and aft movement are translated to the underside of the main wing pivoting the wing itself. The rudder is also controlled by the stick and produces a stable rolling motion.

Quirky nature aside, the Flying Flea has 4K PBR textures, four different engine models, 18 liveries, and more. Check it out on the iniBuilds store.


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