ToLiss set to release A320neo for X-Plane 11 and 12

Airliners are big in all of the civil aviation sims and so news that ToLiss, one of the third party developers for the X-Plane series, is about to take the wrapper off their new A320neo release will surely come as welcome news. Let’s have quick look at the ToLiss A320neo!

New and upgraded

X-Plane aircraft developer ToLiss have offered a number of Airbus related products over the years with their A319, A321, and A340-600. Joining the line-up is their new A320neo featuring many of the same features as those previous products and incorporating some new upgrades.

ToLiss are touting revised and updated cockpit textures, new sounds for the A320neo’s engines, ACARS functionality that includes SimBrief import capabilities, and more.

Earlier today, ToLiss took to Facebook to announce that the A320neo for X-Plane 11 and 12 would be releasing on March 20th. Just five days away! Check out their coming soon trailer, a live stream by Q8pilot showing off the new airliner, and a whole ton of screenshots.

Check out these screenshots!

Visit them on their website or Facebook to keep tabs on the upcoming release.


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