SimWorks Studios provides update on RV-10, RV-14, and PC-12

A new weekend update from the folks at SimWorks Studios is out. This time they are talking about their recently released RV-10, fixes for the RV-14 and a status update on the PC-12. Let’s have a look!

The RV update

Next week, SWS will be releasing a patch for the RV-10 to bring a few fixes and updates. Among those updates is work on avionics that will add the PMS GTN650 to the mix. A new installer will also enable you to use both GTN650 options (the PMS and the TDS versions) should you wish to with the ability to select either via the liveries tab. A GNS530 will appear if neither are selected (or installed).

The RV-14 is also getting an update with a future update planned that will help improve the taildragger version’s ground handling. There are also some sound issues that SWS are apparently aiming to fix (ed note: although I thought it generally sounded great, so kudos for improving it further).

PC-12 preview is coming

SWS have been getting excited about showing off their Pilatus PC-12 for MSFS and… its not quite here yet. They have continued to improve the presentation of the aircraft and have run into a few setbacks like their texture artist dealing with a 24 hour power outage. They want the preview to be “mind blowing” so we’ll look forward to seeing that happen.

We did get some questions answered regarding the cockpit and what kind of configuration we could look forward to. SWS report that they are planning two configurations.

The first one will have a old school GNS530/430 combo for navigation. The second layout will replace them for a GTN750 and 650 or dual GTN750 – they are still making their minds up on exactly which configuration will be offered in that second instance. Both variants will share KMD540 weather RADAR, GTN330 transponder and GMA340 Audio panel.

A quirk of the PC-12 will also likely not be available on release but SWS are keen to bring it to the sim as soon as possible. Here’s what they had to say about that.

An annoying limitation is that we were unable to simulate the aggressive nose-down attitude of the aircraft with full flaps extended. MSFS’ flight model does not support this, even though it was possible in FSX! We have reported this to Asobo and hope it will be addressed in one of the next sim updates, as that is a very interesting feature of the real aircraft. Until this is addressed by Asobo, we will release the aircraft with correct flap lift & drag, but the approach AoA will not be the same as in the real aircraft.

SimWorks Studios

An interesting and odd limitation but hopefully one that can be addressed in the sim at some point. SWS have, in my experience, done a good job dialing in flight models for their aircraft with the Kodiak 100 being by far one of the best handling aircraft that I’ve experienced in the sim so far.

Looking forward to the reveal!

In the meantime keep an eye on SimWorks Studios on Facebook.


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    That’s interesting, I wonder why?

    I have a new PC on order ATM and am re-considering MSFS as your reviews have been generally positive. The F3F looked fun 🤩


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      You should definitely consider it. Between the constant updates, the free content, and some quality level third party content, MSFS has won me over almost completely for civil aviation flying. I still keep tabs on X-Plane with hopes that they will regain some momentum.

      MSFS is still something of a pain to install and updates are occasionally still a bit of a problem but on the whole it’s a good product. It’s also the best way to drop an airplane on a map somewhere and go explore that region.


      1. Blue 5 says:

        I’ll d/l when the new box arrives.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. JimTM says:

    Re. the RV-14, if you follow FlightChops on YouTube (great channel), you can get his custom livery at Look for “Van’s RV14 C-FCGA”. It’s pretty slick.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Oh awesome! I should have figured someone would do one!


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