CowanSim releases H125/AS350B3e for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The next helicopter in the CowanSim hangar has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time its the Airbus H125 (previously named AS350B3e). Let’s have a look!

H125 ready to fly

Released to the website, the H125 follows on from the previously released 500E and 206B3 that CowanSim has previously released. Updates are expected for those helicopter releases but in the meantime we have yet another helicopter to fly.

The H125 packs the usual CowanSim feature set including free future updates, a detailed paint kit, 100 liveries, a medical version, utility version, “around the world” version, WWISE dynamic sound pack, VR support, realistic flight dynamics, 4K PBR textures, and so on. CowanSim also mentions clickable configuration options for options such as a GTN750/GNS430 swap.

Future updates are already planned with a Spot Light and Cineflex Camera version that will be functional in follow-up updates.

There’s also information about some missing helicopter throttle functionality that a mouse or VR controller will need to solve at the moment. Asobo intends to add functionality later on.

Due to limitations of the sim right now (unfortunately still and issue!), you will have to use a mouse or VR controller for the throttle. Hardware bindings will be updated by Asobo and we will implement the code in an update after that. The H125 throttle is a bit different than the kind we are used. It’s on/off, idle/fly and more of a switch than an actual twist throttle. One click and you’re ready to fly. So that is a good thing, easy!

If this helicopter sounds like your kind of thing, you can currently purchase it for $32.99 USD on the CowanSim website.


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