PMDG updates 737, talks EFB and 777

A couple of days ago, Robert S. Randazzo from PMDG Simulations, provided an update on their projects that are currently underway for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their popular 737 line-up, well regarded DC-6, and upcoming 777 were all mentioned as was their EFB implementation in the form of the Universal Flight Tablet. Here’s my summary of the updates!

737 updates

PMDG have released a new update for their 737NG series of products (the -600, -700, -800 and -900). Some of the updates are aimed at Sim Update 12 and resolving a few bugs that were introduced during the update. The parking brake, for example, was broken by the update but it has now been resolved.

Core work has also been done to the project and a lot of it is reportedly aimed at modularity of their EFB or Universal Flight Tablet as PMDG are calling it.

Universal Flight Tablet

Speaking of the forthcoming PMDG tablet interface, the University Flight Tablet has been making progress. In the update, PMDG CEO Robert S. Randazzo reports that some features like the Operational Performance Tool are now working and correctly providing data. That and charting are reportedly receiving the bulk of the work for now.

They, up to now, have apparently not focused on how the interface looks which is why we’ve not yet seen any in development screenshots.

There’s discussion about the underlying technology and various changes there but suffice to say it sounds like some of the hurdles have been surpassed. The feature was initially suggested as receiving a possible release in the summer of last year but we are obviously well past that and, knowing some of the challenges, it may be some time yet before they have the feature added.

Marketplace and Xbox

The other two big questions right now are the Marketplace and Xbox support. The good news for the Marketplace is that PMDG are working on releasing their products on there. The recent changes to how Marketplace updates are handled is changing the speed at which things happen as well and viewed positively here.

An update for the PMDG DC-6 Marketplace version which is returning to that storefront is planned for the 30th of March as reported in a separate announcement.

There’s also Xbox support which is now possible via WASM and the Sim Update 12 changes that were introduced. PMDG report that this is a new area for them and that they will be taking time to investigate launching their products there but it does sound like they are committing to doing it.

We expect to take our time with this process- and we’ll update you on this process as we get closer to kicking off a few of the 737s for Xbox. Ultimately our goal is to have all PMDG products appear on both the PC/Xbox because it is good for us and helps to increase our market exposure to new customers. For those in the PC simming environment it gives you additional flexibility for where you wish to do your simming also.

Robert S. Randazzo

777 talk

We already know from past updates that PMDG’s next product line following the four 737s that they have done so far is to do the 777. And the last news is that the PMDG 777 is making great progress and is entering into beta testing.

Robert reports that progress is going smoothly and that their growing familiarity with the MSFS product is helping it along. Great! The update also says that they aren’t quite ready to show off the product just yet. We will have to wait a bit longer to see that happen.

Read the full update on the PMDG forums here.


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