VIRPIL makes a move, offers up flash sale, and launches WarBRD-D!

A bunch of news to catch up on with the folks over at VIRPIL – makers of some really high quality flight sim gear. They have launched a new WarBRD base, moved their factory and are offering up some sales too. Let’s have a look!

Introducing the WarBRD-D

I reviewed and have flown hundreds of hours on VIRPIL’s WarBRD base over the last few years. It’s absolutely solid, made from robust components and its nice and compact too. VIRPIL are upgrading the design with the new VPC WarBRD-D base.

The biggest change that VIRPIL is offering here is the addition of adjustable friction clutches.

The clutches can be tuned to suit a wide range of applications – from completely disengaged for fast, raw inputs, to semi-damped to prevent centering-oscillations and assisting steady aim, to fully locked to keep the stick from returning to the center. 

This feature comes over from the even higher end MoongoosT-50CM3 Flighstick Base and like that unit, these friction clutches can be adjusted on the fly. Nice!

The other change is a new detachable USB and AUX controls letting you link to other VIRPIL devices. This is similar to the configuration we see on the MoongoosT-50 CM3 throttle and I’m very glad to see it because it makes replacing a possibly damaged cable far easier to do.

The new base also comes with what is almost now an expected mix of springs (standard, heavy and extra heavy) as well as cams in four different flavours:

  • AviaSim [Soft Center] (Pre-Installed) Non-linear response, soft tactile center
  • AviaSim [No Center] – Non-linear response, no tactile center
  • CosmoSim [Soft Center] – Linear response, soft tactile center
  • CosmoSim [No Center] – Linear response, no tactile center

VIRPIL is offering a 10% discount to current WarBRD base owners who purchased from the VIRPIL webstore from now until March 31st, 2023.

Links to the EU and USA store versions:

VIRPIL is moving

When VIRPIL got their start, they were operating out of Belarus before beginning to expand their operations with an EU factory and distribution center in Lithuania and then later a USA based distribution center as well. We’ve learned just today that VIRPIL has moved their EU operations to what appears to be a new facility.

Their new EU facility has a head office, support and service, as well as their distribution and manufacturing all housed together. VIRPIL says that they think this is the best way to have a smooth operation and it sounds good.

VIRPIL store flash sale

The folks at VIRPIL are celebrating moving their offices to a new facility with a flash sale. The VPC MongoosT-50 CM3 throttle (my review here) is up on a special flash sale with 10% off with free shipping. Offer ends 23:59 UTC, 9th April 2023 or while stocks last according to the announcement.

Oh and…

VIRPIL are also teasing a new Collective controller that looks suspiciously similar to one on an AH-64. More on this when information arrives!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Alan says:

    No sale that I can see, and shipping to Canada (US site) is $50 USD.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Alan. Looks like the flash sale has already ended – I assume they ran out of supply. That was fast!


      1. bfr says:

        Might’ve been EU store only? I assume its still active there as they’re still showing it as in stock. And even buying from there it only applies the discount and free shipping once you enter the code at checkout.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Looking more closely at this, yes that appears to be the case!


      3. Alan says:

        Yah, I don’t think they’ve ever shown anything ‘in stock’ have they? Just a permanent ‘backorder’. I tried the code at checkout too and it said it was invalid.


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