Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok talks to Blu XPerience Media about A330

There are a lot of airliners coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator these days and one that is back in the headlines right now is Aerosoft’s upcoming Airbus A330 simulation. Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok talked to Blu XPerience Media about the project and in it we’ve learned quite a bit about the project.

An update on the A330

It’s always interesting to hear from flight sim aircraft developers and Mathijs Kok has been around working on the developing aircraft for multiple sims over the years. His updates are always interesting from both learning about the current project but also gaining insights into the sim and development around it.

In the update we learn that the exterior and interior art is essentially done and that they are working on systems right now. We also learn about how things like the landing gear system required some creative solutions to get right given current limitations of the sim.

Along with the podcast we also have these development images of the cockpit texturing.

We also have images of the EFB and from the manual. Mathijs was keen to point out in the forum post that the manual will not only include a checklist but also flows – something that I know can be extremely valuable in the learning process.

Have a listen to the podcast above, check out the images released, and visit the Aerosoft A330 development forum section to see all of the latest conversations around the work being done.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Given all the other quality Airbus options available (not least of which is the freeware version for MSFS, and the very nice Default/Free one included with X-Plane), I wonder how this will fare in sales.

    They did a good job on the CRJ, let’s hope the same for this one – good luck!


    1. quelcertoleo says:

      for how they abandoned and left the CRJ with many bugs I for sure will be skipping any Errorsoft products in the future, especially this 330 which they already targeted at generalist xbox-sim-from-couch players but that’s where the cash is now.
      the crj still has broken LOC/GS capture, broken when keeping LNAV routes and fishtailing and finally other errors in the fms (derated thrust never worked, fuel predictions all over the place and more)


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I knew there were issues with the CRJ but I didn’t know the extent. Aerosoft have two adequate releases and I think they will need to prove themselves a bit more than they have to really win folks over.

        With the DHC-6 being pulled from their store (it wasn’t that bad but it did need a little TLC) and the CRJ needing some effort… I hope the A330 will be the point where they double back on some items.

        Hope springs eternal!


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