Synaptic provides update on freeware A220 for MSFS

Another airliner that’s on the radar right now for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans is the freeware, in development, Synaptic Airbus A220. Their livestream earlier today covered a lot of the details that the team are working on to bring this project to life.

Making the A220 come to life

Starting off with a splashy introduction sequence Synaptic Simulations quickly got down to business showing off the latest work on their Airbus A22X project. Their goal is to create a high fidelity simulation of the Airbus A220-300 and offer it up as a freeware project.

During the stream we saw what the team are calling a finished exterior model, sans textures, as well as visuals of the cargo area, cargo door, landing gear, and various other elements.

We also got a great look at the cockpit, which again was essentially complete from 3d modeling perspective (again, sans textures), as well as a pretty deep dive into the systems.

On the systems from the A220 poses an interesting challenge as its a very new airplane, created originally by Bombardier as the C-Series, and features a mix of Airbus and Boeing ways of doing things. That doesn’t seem to have slowed down Synaptic too much as they’ve attracted the attention of real world A220 pilots and have been able to make realistic renditions of the systems including the electrical, hydraulic and FMC.

There’s no release date and the team say that they currently have no intended goal. It is a freeware developer project after all.

If you’ve got the time and interest, definitely listen in to their full development stream. It was really well done!


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