Reflected Simulation campaigns now in DCS thanks to hotfix

Those of you wanting to fly some detailed campaign missions over the newly released and revised DCS: Normandy 2, your wait is over as Reflected Simulations’ three campaigns making use of the map are now available in the latest hotfix.

Load it up!

Get your DCS Updater running and get the latest hotfix if you’ve been waiting on Reflected Simulations’ Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney, The Big Show, and Jagdflieger campaigns to be updated for the new map. I had reported previously that the updates hadn’t made the Normandy 2 open beta update as expected and thus a short wait was in store. Fortunately, the weekend hotfix has sorted that out.

Here’s what Reflected had to say:

Great news, ED pushed a hotfix patch today including the massive updates to my 3 Normandy campaigns: Blue Nose Bastards, The Big Show and Jagdflieger. Now you can enjoy them over the new Normandy map both if you updated to 2, and if you haven’t. (But you totally should, in order to enjoy such views). Thank you for your patience and support.

Great news all around! Be sure to visit Reflected Simulations on Facebook for regular updates on his campaigns.

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  1. Skycat says:

    For offline players the best reason to buy the WWII aircraft, maps, and assets pack is to experience Reflected’s campaigns.


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