Two Collector Planes and two new campaigns fill out IL-2 5.102

Update 5.102 for IL-2 Great Battles has appeared on the scene and it comes packaged with some new content. There’s two new scripted campaigns to enjoy and two Collector Planes that have just been released as well. There are other updates packed in there too so lets break down the highlights.

SSW D.IV and Bf109G-6 AS

Two Collector Planes arrived today. Siemens-Schuckert D.IV is a very late war German scout bi-plane. It’s 200-hp SH.IIIa rotary engine had a four bladed propeller, a counter rotating crankshaft (aimed at reducing some of the torque), and excellent performance. It arrived in August of 1918 and saw a few months of service in limited numbers on the frontline before the war ended.

The other Collector Plane? Bf109G-6 AS. Although many have more than enough Bf109 models in their hangar, still other fans of this specific type have long been calling for the A/S model. Arriving in late Spring of 1944, 686 aircraft were either built or converted from earlier models with this version sporting the DB605AS engine – thus earning it the AS designation. The engine sported an enlarged supercharger requiring a different engine cowling that was larger but more streamlined than the bulbous one seen on the earlier G-6 model. The end result was higher altitude performance.

New and revised campaigns

New content for single player pilots is always a good thing and we have two new campaigns and some edits to some classic campaigns here too. ‘Against the Tide’ is for the SSW D.IV which I think is a great move by the developers! This gives us a scripted single player experience for this new Collector Plane from day one.

There’s also Wild Mustangs which requires Battle of Bodenplatte and, as you may have guessed, puts you in the seat of the P-51D Mustang.

Wind of Fury, the RAF Tempest campaign for Battle of Bodenplatte, also gets an update with revised vehicles (British vehicles in British sectors) and tactical codes for all aircraft. Sea Dragon, the IL-2 Model 1943 campaign for Battle of Kuban gets similar updates with added aircraft types, tactical codes, and so forth.

Other updates

There’s a couple of other updates in the list today. First, a new ruler tool has been added to the map screen. This is a long awaited feature for me and I’m glad to see that its finally been added into the map. I look forward to trying that out.

There are also a few other tweaks to AI, to the Spitfire XIVe, and a fixed trigger in the mission editor.

The complete list is available here.


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  1. Novice-Flyer says:

    $20 (at regular) for just the G-6AS is not worth it. On a sale, sure.

    I wish there was a bundle for $25 where you got the G-6AS and Teardrop canopy Mk. XIV


  2. Luke says:

    The SSW DIV looks interesting, but I’m not sure about paying 25 pacific pesos for a re-engined G6.


  3. Blue 5 says:

    I, err, I dunno. 12 months ago I would have purchased both out of interested curiosity and good will. But these being among the last of the ‘old projects’ and with no indication that the team even know what comes next, I am inclined to hold back.

    That the S.IV and AS release came almost out of nowhere is a somewhat symptomatic of the current state of affairs.

    Thanks again to Shamrock for his reporting, otherwise this might well have passed me by.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hear you. Things have definitely changed.

      I will say that the SS D.IV was actually in the works for quite a long time together with the Snipe. Jason knew that those two had been long requested by the RoF community. The G-6AS also one of the most requested 109 (together with the G-10), anecdotally, on the IL-2 forums so I’m not surprised they did it. It seems likely to be popular among dedicated 109 pilots and maybe few others. An easy addition for some quick addon content to be sure…

      Happy to provide updates no matter what!


      1. Blue 5 says:

        Yes, sorry, I meant that the release was something of a surprise. I was aware that they had been in development for quite a while.

        Next collector’s plane: BE2C and a 1917 WF map before the full FC III is released.


  4. Owi says:

    Happy about scripted campaigns being updated. Its the only way i play latley. Not only the officials but alot of good unofficials latley. Seems more people learning the editor and now I cant play them faster than they are made. Really enjoyed the wild mustang (now official) and the photo recon one by juri 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I agree! It’s great to see these campaigns making their way into the sim. Adds a lot of fun to the experience.


  5. Redwing says:

    Never would have thought a ruler map tool would be the most interesting thing for me, when a new update comes. And again, they have fixed some “control panel typos” and “wing gun covers textures are aligned better”…while bomb damage is still messed up and navigator in the Mosquito is not able to act like a gunner and inform about enemy planes. I’m beginning to hope CLOD comes big with their long awaited Visual Update as well as the TF 6.0 patch. I’m ready for change!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      The ruler is long awaited for me. Glad we have it!

      I hear and agree with your frustrations. I do! But I feel obligated to remind everyone that issues with bomb damage or the Mosquito navigator are programmer things and fixing typos and visual effects are artist things. Doing those things didn’t take away from the other things. It would be nice if they did allocate some programmer time!


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