SWS updates us with gorgeous new PC-12 screenshots

Sim Works Studios are back with another update and some key information about their upcoming PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Let’s have a look.

Exterior complete, systems in progress

The exterior of the SWS PC-12 is complete and the livery team is busy adding additional liveries for the aircraft. Animations are still coming together but are well into development. This all according to the latest status update which indicates that the devs are making good progress on the aircraft and that they are beginning to discuss when they may reach a release state.

The interior is still being worked on and customization is well underway too to represent some of the different configurations that you can find a PC-12 in. Replacing oak or cherry will apparently be straightforward.

Systems are still being worked on but fortunately we now know that both PMS and TDS GTN750/650 will be available for those who have the freeware or payware avionics panels included. EFIS50, EIS, KR87/GNS530/430 will be available for all!

SWS are keen to make this a flagship product so a very high quality is planned. Hot starts, residula ITT, engine wear, executive and combi interiors are all planned. A five bladed variant, cargo interior, commuter variant, weather radar and a SWS tablet are all also planned for release later on down the line. Additionally, they are contemplating a free or paid add-on that gives the aircraft some additional features. Namely an aircraft walkaround feature with access to engine, tail, fuel, and preflight areas. Failures from wear and tear, and aircraft service functionality. Sounds interesting.

Stay tuned for further updates and keep tabs on their Facebook page for more information!


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