Check out the C-160 Transal from AzurPoly

This Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft flew under my radar right up until release but if any of the preview streams that I’ve seen are any indication its one that many of you may want to have a close look at. I’m talking about the AzurPoly C-160 Transall today. Let’s have a look!

The Transall

First flying in 1963, the C-160 Transall was a European joint venture between MBB, Aerospatiale, and VFW-Fokker to meet the military requirements of a two engine turboprop aircraft for the West German and French air forces. 214 were built and production ended in 1985 after a successful run building an original and next generation version for both the French and Germans as planned as well as meeting the needs for Turkey and South African military operators and even finding some use in civilian operation too. The C-160 is mostly retired now with the A400M replacing it for most operators.

AzurPoly, a MSFS developer, decided to tackle this airplane and started development of it around a year ago. The aircraft features the usual slate of features including detailed model, 8K textures, Wwise sounds, realistic electrical and hydraulic systems, an EFB, interactive checklists, and more. They also did their own EFIS as well as a custom FMS for the airplane to match the real one although the developer notes indicate that there is still work to do on that. As a fun addition, the C-160 can also deploy flares complete with smoke trails.

There is a detailed description as well as an operating manual available from their website and the aircraft itself is available for $32.99 USD in the MSFS Marketplace. Third party store releases are being investigated.

Video presentations

There are a bunch of videos that you may want to watch about this aircraft release. AzurPoly themselves have a great walkaround video as part of a series introducing the aircraft.

Two content creators have also done some good work giving us a solid look at the airplane. We have ‘cgaviator’ and then ‘Into the Blue Simulations’ both offering some really good previews of what the C-160 is all about.


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  1. hot dayum I need to be gettin’ me some o’ that there thicc ol’ booty yes sir mhmm!

    Looks like a decent addon, thanks for sharing

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hah! You’re welcome! Making flight sim folks… eerr… happy since 2016! 😅

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  2. Urgent Siesta says:

    When the Caribou released, I thought, “If only it had 2 turboprops, it’d be perfect…!”
    And here we are 🙂

    THIS type of aircraft is one of my favorites because you can just have a ton of fun flying it. These military cargo birds are “semi-aerobatic”, have STOL capabilities, and are designed for “bush strips” – rough and austere fields, etc.

    DEFINITELY getting this one. 🙂

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