Flight sim news roundup: F-15E, new Cowan helicopter, more Falcon, 757 and more!

It’s another one of those weeks where the flight sim news has been fast and furious. Here are some updates that have come across my virtual news desk over the course of the week that I haven’t yet been able to report on all rounded up into one article. Let’s go!

F-15E screenshots and video

RAZBAM CEO, after tweeting about the F-15E early access plan earlier in the week has let loose with a bunch of screenshots and a video that F-15E fans will definitely want to see.

It’s got to be close now. Right?

X-Crafts’ ERJ round-up

The folks at X-Crafts are getting close to a launch for their E-Jets ERJ E170/175 release and have been talking quite a bit about the project in recent days. They’ve also provided preview releases to several YouTubers and we’ve heard some very good praise for the project as a result.

Falcon updates

The big news earlier in the week was that MicroProse had re-aquired the rights to the Falcon series. The new MicroProse is slowly building back much of what it had before and Falcon is the latest in a series of products that the company looks to be aiming to rehabilitate while also respecting the past and present efforts of community members to keep it alive.

The latest news is that the original Falcon is joining the MicroProse classic games launcher. This comes with the benefit of letting you choose between the classic PC version and the Tandy version which had enhanced colours over the CGA graphics on the PC version. There’s also improved documentation.

Updates and new releases from CowanSim

CowanSim have released another helicopter into the market. This time its the 206L3 and its available from the CowanSim store for $32.99 USD. It’s also coming to the Marketplace and to other resellers as well.

Meanwhile, the H125/AS350B3e has also received an update bringing it up to v1.0.1 and it comes packed with a bunch of bug fixes and changes for the helicopter. There’s been adjustments to the flight model, fixes to visual issues, an added governor trim, added sounds and more. All changes listed here!

BlueBird show off standard wing 757

BlueBird Simulations are working to bring their Boeing 757 simulation to life and to our PC’s sometime around the end of this year if all goes well. While programming efforts are no-doubt underway behind the scenes, BlueBird are in the meantime showing off their non-winglet version of the 757 with these new images.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I want my Strike Eagle!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Soon(tm), two weeks, eventually. ☺️

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