1CGS releases IL-2 update 5.103, air race contest, and roadmap graphic

A bunch of updates to report on from the IL-2 Sturmovik side of things. Update 5.103 is out, a new air racing contest is underway, and we have a fancy graphic showing off their upcoming roadmap.

Patch is out

The latest update for IL-2 Great Battles is out. 5.103 does not come loaded down with a long list of changes but it does have a few notable items amongst the bugfixes. There’s a new type of mission for Normandy with transport escort that include multiple types of cargo. There are new scenarios added for the Gotha G.V and Handley Page O/100 WWI bombers, and some updates have been done to Against the Tide and Wild Mustangs – both have notably been translated into Spanish.

Warbird race tournament

1CGS is partnering with VIRPIL Controls to present a ‘WarBRD’ race tournament. Two aircraft will be a part of the race, the Yak-1 Series 69 and Bf109F-4 (both from the original IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad). The race will be held in two stages with a qualifications round and then a finals round later.

Some new technologies appear to be at play including the hoops that you can fly through as well as some server side gathering that tracks your time through the course.

Winners with the best results will be sent special gifts from 1C Game Studios and VIRPIL. All participants will get some kind of gift through the website as well.

Roadmap graphic

Nothing in the graphic here will be new but it does visually illustrate the news that we learned about in the last developer diary.

Read the full news here on their website.


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