VPC rudder pedals and V.F.X grip pre-order live June 21

VIRPIL’s product offensive continues with their new WarBRD and ACE rudder pedals as well as their new V.F.X going up on pre-order. We still lack a few details but today’s announcement reveal a whole bunch of new details about V.F.X including a new Z-axis lock-out option. V.F.X for Tomcat fans Although VIRPIL can’t say it…

VIRPIL announces WarBRD and WarBRD ACE rudder pedals

VIRPIL has completed the trifecta of flight sim hardware by offering two new sets of rudder pedals alongside their already established base and grip combinations and their throttle system. The new WarBRD and WarBRD ACE are slated to come later this year and offer a couple of options depending on your setup and your budget….