VIRPIL announces WarBRD and WarBRD ACE rudder pedals

VIRPIL has completed the trifecta of flight sim hardware by offering two new sets of rudder pedals alongside their already established base and grip combinations and their throttle system. The new WarBRD and WarBRD ACE are slated to come later this year and offer a couple of options depending on your setup and your budget.

Two new pedals

The pedals come from Chief Designer Roman Dorokhov who is well known in some flight sim circles as Baur and was responsible for earlier pedal efforts including the Baur BRD-F3. Now working for VIRPIL, Roman’s talents have been put to use creating these two new pedals.

The brand new all metal WarBRD Pedals.

The WarBRD Pedals are a single axis, all metal construction, a cam based centering mechanism and cast aluminum footplates. Meanwhile, the WarBRD ACE Pedals bring things up a notch with two additional configurations. The standard WarBRD ACE-1 adds toe brakes making this a three axis product. The WarBRD ACE-2 is also a three axis product but with a footplate accessory making them into a heel-less design.

Pre-orders for these will begin in July of 2019. As with most VIRPIL products, expect initial supplies to remain relatively low but I hope we’ll see them able to keep up with demand on these products.

See the full product announcement right here!


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