Sale for Rise of Flight and IL-2

Today it was announced that Rise of Flight and IL-2 are both having a end of summer sale. 1CGS and 777 Studios are offering some great discounts on some aircraft so if you’ve been waiting to pick something up, now would be a great time.

What’s on sale?

Rise of Flight has a sale that goes all the way across the board with a 66% discount on everything. Back in the spring and early summer I added some interesting aircraft to my collection and now I’m going back to add one or two more. With some aircraft coming in at less than $2 each… it’s a great deal.

One of the many aircraft on sale, a Fokker Eindecker pulls away as an Airco D.H.2 sheds a wing.

IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad Collector Planes are on sale too with a 50% discount. Both the FW190A-3 and La-5 Series 8 are currently on for $9.99 instead of $19.99. While $20 a plane does feel a little steep… $10 is far lower a price for some really high quality work.

A La-5 Series 8 Collector Plane scores a quick kill on a Bf109.

At the present time, neither the MC.202 nor the P-40E-1 are on sale. The developers probably decided that the two Battle of Moscow Collector Planes are just too new for those to be available for discount just yet. I would speculate that we’ll see them get a 50% discount closer to the end of the year.

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