DCS video shows off the Spitfire LF.IX

The Eagle Dynamics created DCS version of the Spitfire LF.IX is just days from release according to the latest information and the second video in a series of tutorials being released to teach pilots how to fly this iconic British fighter have been released.

The video goes over taxi, takeoff and landing and it contains very detailed notes from trim knob settings, to engine temperature and oil pressure. It’s also a great video showing the Spitfire in flight in the DCS engine. It’s a beautiful thing!

In the next 6 months we’ll have two new detailed Spitfires to fly. The DCS Spitfire LF.IX and IL-2: Battle of Kuban’s Spitfire Vb. One way or another… Spitfire fans are going to be pretty happy no matter which of the two series you might be following.

Update December 16 at 8:47 AM ET: The DCS Spitfire LF.IX module has launched and with it comes a really cool launch trailer. Enjoy!

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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    IL-2 has a much more robust WWII playground; what’s to be done with a Spitfire in the Caucasus?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Indeed! While DCS is doing some impressive stuff, I worry about the lack of focus. Currently have a FW190D-9, Bf109K-4, and then a Spitfire LF.IX. Only one of these is well suited to the Normandy map they are building.


  2. Pixel Dust says:

    They have a beautiful game-world; it’s quite spectacular in the Caucasus. They have lots of interesting modules, but, as you say, a certain diffuse, lack-of-focus.

    I still enjoy the SU-25T. Good thing, too, since nearly every major patch potentially spends yet another activation key.

    For now, I just don’t use any modules except the free one; the other ten I am holding off installing until they get their various versions of the game world synchronized. Maybe then it will settle long enough to get them back in play.

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