Development on Battle for Kuban continues

Excitement in the community is high after the launch of IL-2 patch 2.007 bringing with it the Bf110G-2 and updated FW190A-3 flight model. Today’s Developer Update shows us the second FW190 to join the series – the A-5 model.


The FW190A-5 was a versatile aircraft and was used in quite a few different roles on the Eastern Front. Two MG151/20 cannon gunpods with two guns each are available as one option. With six MG151/20 cannons total, this loadout can unleash the most powerful forward armament option currently available in the IL-2 series.

The A-5 was also modified for the fast bomber role and came with a large number of sub variations. There were both Rüstsätze (field modification kits) and Umrüst-Bausatz (factory modifications) and the exciting news is that we’ll be seeing a truly interesting factory modification in the A-5/U-17.

…there will be a possibility to select Fw 190 A-5/U-17 strike loadout that includes additional armor protecting the engine and fuselage bottom, four additional underwing holders for SC 50 bombs and, most importantly, boost system that allows 1.65 ATA. Thanks to additional fuel injection into the overcharger intake, the engine can work for a prolonged amount of time in this mode, much longer that it can work in 1.42 ATA take-off mode without boost. However, this boost is effective only at low altitudes (less than 1 km), highlighting the primary use of this loadout as a ground strike craft.

This is the first example of an aircraft modification in this second generation of IL-2 series that will also change engine performance. It opens the door to many more options for other aircraft starting with the La-5.

A new modification is being added to the La-5 that adds a M-82F engine that adds a 2400 rpm mode that can be engaged for an unlimited amount of time compared to only 5 minutes for the standard La-5 Series 8 that we have. This will give us an aircraft closer to the La-5F standard without introducing a wholly new aircraft.

This week we also saw an early 3D model of the IL-2 Model 1943 with UBT machine gun.


As the titular aircraft in the IL-2 series, it’s great to have a version with the factory installed rear gunner station. The single UBT 12.7mm will be a much more capable defensive position than the field modified version with twin ShKAS light machine guns we’ve had available up until now. It’s also fascinating to experience the progression from 1941 through 1943 variants.

For all of this and more, visit the IL-2 forums for the latest developer diary!


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