IL-2 devs update us on VR, IL-2 model 1943

This week the 1CGS developer update focused on the IL-2, flight model work and the much awaited VR support.

VR support has been much awaited by many sim pilots and 1CGS has been busy working towards full VR support for a while now with upgrades to the graphics engine (such as DX11) being key steps along the way.

Alpha testing begins soon and it sounds like the team is working on ideal ways to implement things such as the gunner positions and how those work. I’m sure VR will continue to evolve but it’s initial release is expected at the end of March.

This week also focused on the IL-2 model 1943. Apparently the gunsight for this model did not have good references and the team had to recreate it.

The Model 1943 variant has the same straight wing as the earlier 1942 model but it comes equipped standard with a UBT 12.7mm machine gun mounted at the rear.

The IL-2 model 1943 is the next aircraft being added to the series followed by the Spitfire Vb. Flight model engineers are busy working on that AND updates to how rudders work for all aircraft.

Check out the full update on the IL-2 forum.


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