Adventures with the Mirage 2000C

I took advantage of the DCS Easter Sale today by buying the Mirage 2000C for 40% off. I’ve been interested in trying out one of the more full fidelity simulations even as I was just starting out with Flaming Cliffs content. This is a short look at my adventure so far.

Full fidelity

The Mirage 2000C or M-2000C is a single engine, fourth generation, fly-by-wire, purpose built interceptor with multi-role capability roughly in the same class as the F-16C. The aircraft has been a popular jet with the French Air Force as well as for export with 583 of all variants having been built.

The M-2000C is a light weight delta wing design, with a powerful engine and a reasonable weapon capacity. It’s also a complete blast to fly. I’ve only really scratched the surface but the agility and roll rate is just incredible as is the fly-by-wire system.

I’ve read about FBW systems for years but only with this did I really understand what it was all about. While a Bf109 or IL-2 wants to fight you in the air, the M-2000C FBW system interprets the pilot controls and flies the aircraft for you. Its a bit unsettling at first and then you realize just how easy it is to point the nose and let the aircraft do its thing.

RAZBAM, the third party company responsible for the M-2000C being added to DCS, has done an incredible job of building a highly detailed simulation of the jet. Unlike Flaming Cliffs aircraft which have some simplification, the M-2000C is essentially a full fidelity experience. Everything needs to be setup for pre-flight. Fuel pumps, inertial navigation, battery, heads up and heads down displays, radar warning receivers, etc. It was a glorious thing when I managed to go from cold start to a fully functioning jet.

I was only able to do that thanks to a really helpful guide called Chuck’s Mirage 2000C Guide.

All systems checked and ready to go!

Takeoff and free flight

Once I had a fully functioning jet I was able to taxi, takeoff, and do some free flying around the airbase that I took off from including some really fun times flying through the valleys of the Caucasus mountain range.

Finally I tried to land the M-2000C, however, my sink rate was too high and it didn’t end too well. Still, the aircraft was mostly in one piece and my virtual pilot surely was able to wak away from it. You know what they say about any landing you can walk away from…

Any landing you  can walk away from…

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