A nostalgic look back at the P-51 Mustang in IL-2: 1946

One of my favourite compilation videos from any sim from any time is “Mustang” created by DBS Thor. Its been a while since I watched it but this nostalgic look back at an earlier IL-2 version is an entertaining testament to what that sim was and to the skills of one sim fighter pilot.

This video isn’t great because of its unique camera angles or specific direction but it is an action packed compilation of online aerial victories scored by Thor while he was flying on the old UK-Dedicated2 and UK-Dedicated3 servers. These servers are still running as BFS-1, 2 and 3 and now with a new generation IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad server.

I flew with Thor and on these servers for what amounts to probably thousands of hours. What shocks me now is that this was 10 years ago and many of these pilots have moved on to other things … although some are still with us.

A consummate team player, Thor was a great guy to fly with and coordinate with in a dogfight. He was (and still is) an incredible virtual pilot. Many of these victories highlight both his virtual piloting skills in what was arguably a difficult aircraft to master, the P-51B and P-51D Mustang, as well as his superb gunnery often leading targets at 90 degree deflection angles.

Go back ten years in flight sim history and check out this great compilation!


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