DCS: F-18 E3 2017 content slowly trickles out (UPDATE #3)

For days the DCS community has been eagerly anticipating the release of the DCS: F-18 module announced to be at the Thrustmaster booth at E3 2017. Well it’s there but content has been a slow trickle so far. Here’s what we’ve seen!

Magz Exclusive E3 footage

Update #3: Probably the best bit of footage from E3 has arrived from MagzTV. Good clear video from the cockpit and externals of the F/A-18C and a music montage at the end.

Interview with Matt Wagner

Update #2: Some more info on Hornet from BeTerrific. The interview itself is not…. great. But Matt says some interesting stuff and it’s nice to see a little bit more of the Hornet in action.

YouTube video with 7 minutes of content

UPDATE: Another video just appeared with some more gameplay.

Facebook live stream

Virtual Thunderbirds went live on their Facebook feed to show people both the F-18 cockpit as it was being flown by someone and the new Thrustmaster Hornet stick which is currently in a glass case.

Imgur post on the Thrustmaster Hornet

This is our first look at the new Thrustmaster Hornet stick. It’s likely in non-functioning concept form right now as its behind a clear case and not something that people can try out right now. The base looks similar to the Warthog also by Thrustmaster while the stick itself looks to be of high grade plastic. Could this be more of a middle-market part? That area is badly served right now so this could be a good thing.

Closeup of the TM Hornet Grip (by Wags)

More to come as updates arrive!

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