DCS shows off latest Caucasus map update

These days it seems like DCS and IL-2: Battle of Kuban may be going head to head in some respects with the release of Spitfire IX and Spitfire V for each respective title and now with the latest Caucasus map updates for both titles. Today, ED followed up some of the latest IL-2 Kuban map images with some new images of their own updated Caucasus map slated for release in DCS World 2.5. Have I mentioned that its a fantastic time to be a flight simmer no matter which title you follow?

More forests

These images are an update of some images that they released fairly recently. These images don’t show too much new compared to what we saw before but it is a good reminder that they are working on what amounts to a free update to the core DCS World game. Caucasus is the default map and is freely available along with the Su-25T and TF-51D.

The images came with some added information. One of those notes is to check out just how much more forested the new map is versus the old one.

This zoomed in map view shows some of the the forested regions in the DCS World 2.5 edition of the Caucasus map.

Compared to the old map there are far more forested areas. A lot of issues with the earlier version of the map really have to do with the age of the old engine and what could and could not be done.

Better elevation details too

Elevation details are of a much higher resolution as well.

One of the big improvements we are making to the FREE Caucasus map is to greatly improve the elevation mesh to eliminate any any unnatural, straight edges (an end to pyramid mountains). While still work to do, here are three images that show our efforts.

If you’re familiar with the current map, there are places where there are hard edges and mountains and hills that are really not much more than pyramids. These were inherent limitations on what the old engine could handle.

The new one can apparently handle 400% more detail in the terrain elevation mesh.

Performance concerns?

There are community concerns that DCS World 2.5 will be much more demanding on systems than 1.5 is. This to some extent is true. With more things to render there can be losses in performance, however, its also possible that there will be inefficiencies ironed out under the new model.

Following up on the initial post, the ED Facebook page admin had this to say:

We believe the new graphics engine and optimizations will nullify performance penalty of much greater detail.

We’ve seen that with IL-2 and DCS were able to accomplish during their last engine updates with generally boosted frame rates despite increased graphic fidelity. I remain optimistic that once the bugs are worked out that this will work brilliantly!

These images aren’t really a showcase of what the map is about but more of a technical demonstration of what the new engine is capable of doing with a revised version of some familiar terrain. Shadows, details, forests, and smoother less polygonal terrain details are all things we have to look forward to.

No word on when this will release. Soon I think we all hope!

There’s a ton of discussion and information going on on the DCS Facebook page. Check it out!



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