New winter scenery, A-20B progress for IL-2 developer update

The developers working on IL-2: Battle of Kuban have more developer diary information for us this week focused on the new winter scenery and on the upcoming A-20B aircraft coming soon to the series.

Winter is coming

It snowed today for the first time in the season and that coincides perfectly with this developer update. Changing the render distance for the title has necessitated changes to all season and the developers have paid some special attention to getting the winter scenery just right.


What strikes me most here is that the scenery feels like it has more depth. Less of a white-hellscape and now something that breathes a little bit more. It has that crisp clear feeling and the blue tinge helps with that too.

I know people have avoided the winter scenery for a while thanks to all of the colorful new options but this might be a great way to go back and experience a winter campaign again.

Another look at the A-20B


Flight model engineer engineer Roman =Gavrik= Kovalenko also gave his thoughts on the A-20B. To summarize he says this aircraft is fast, well armed, and has the potential for great agility although its maneuver envelope is surprisingly limited (4G max).

It also has no automatic manifold pressure regulator so expect to destroy a few engines before you get the hang of it.

Find out his full thoughts and read more right here!



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