DCS shows off Hormuz, Hornet, WWII updates

This past weekend the DCS World Weekend News showed off some new materials that I think fans will find extremely interesting. A new teaser shows off the Hornet and the new Strait of Hormuz map and we get a look at some nearly finished models for the WWII Asset Pack.

The Asset Pack

The models that the DCS team are working on for the WWII asset pack look really good with new screenshots of the C-47, Ju88A-4 and A-20G being shown off.


The Ju88 looks beautifully detailed as does the C-47.


At this point in time these are AI only aircraft and will probably stay that way for some time. Its still possible that we’ll see them in the flyable role some way into the future.

Check out these images and images of the A-20G on the World Weekend News update.

Strait of Hormuz and Hornet teaser

Why tease one product when you can tease two. The Hornet is getting a lot of attention from the DCS team right now and we’re seeing some of its basic features being brought into action one at a time.

Check out the teaser and look closely at the new explosion effects that we’ve been seeing more of.

ED released a 4K wallpaper perfect for those high res displays with the Hornet in a blacked out scene.

In recent days we’ve also seen work in progress images of the Hornet’s afterburner effect.


Speculation remains intense on the release dates of early access for the Hornet, for DCS World 2.5 and for the Strait of Hormuz map. When? Anyone’s guess.

Image sources: Images sourced from the DCS World Weekend News and Eagle Dynamics Facebook page.


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