New IL-2 developer update focused on upcoming La-5FN schemes, cockpit

Today we get our first look at the completed La-5FN cockpit along with 16 custom paintschemes. We also have word that the only thing left to do on the La-5FN is finish the flight model.

Sixteen different schemes

The La-5FN has quite a storied history in its wartime service. Being one of the best fighters of the Eastern Front while also being the mount for dozens of Soviet aces, the La-5FN has a lot of interesting schemes though there is a degree of standardization for late war Russian aircraft and this mostly follows that.

Each scheme has a fully researched history of its pilot behind it to. Definitely check out the developer update for those.

We also get a look at the cockpit

There are some big differences between the LaGG-3 and La-5 and then the La-5FN cockpit. Chief among them is a big hunk of armored glass on the immediate in-front of the pilot. And, of course, the back view is significantly more open on the La-5FN which makes situational awareness much easier in this aircraft.

I’m looking forward to flying the La-5FN. At this point I’m expecting that it will probably arrive, alongside the Bf109G-6 Collector Plane (both sold independently), in the January 3.001 patch update. Check out my summary here for what we’re expecting with 3.001  and read the full developer update with more aircraft schemes and histories for each.

UPDATED: December 15 at 5:26 pm ET

I missed this earlier but the last shot of the La-5FN’s cockpit also shows the new rain effect. This is the second time we’ve seen it and its appearance makes me more convinced that we may yet see this appear in version 3.001. Still unconfirmed at this point.


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  1. OrangeNoise says:

    FYI the last cockpit image of the blog post shows the new rain effect as well

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Good spot! I didn’t see that this morning.


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