Battlefield 1 adds new air superiority mode

EA’s World War I themed shooter Battlefield 1 is nearing the end of its release cycle and the latest DLC pack is set to include a revisit of an old favourite game mode – Air Superiority.

Shooter tuned for air combat

Battlefield 1 isn’t a flight sim but I do play it quite a bit and when something flight related pops up I feel like I should talk about it.

The series has included air combat from its very first iteration with Battlefield 1942. Zeros, Vals, Dauntlesses and Corsairs were common in the skies over now well known maps for the series like Wake Island.

Battlefield 1, and its World War I theme, has featured a variety of fighters, attack planes and bombers from the start. The Sopwith Camel, SPAD XII, Albatross D.V and Fokker Dr.1 round out the fighters while the Halberstadt CL.II and Bristol F.2B are the series attack planes. The Gotha G.V and Caproni Ca.1 function as the bombers. The ‘In the name of the Tsar’ DLC pack also added the four engined Ilya Muromets.

Battlefield 1 is definitely an arcade experience but with at least an eye for some realism and some honest to goodness damage modeling that includes warping wings and struts, engines that fail when damaged, and individual component damage modeling. It’s a step above where the series has been previously.

New air combat only mode

While aircraft have been a part of most of the Battlefield 1 maps from the start, there hasn’t been an air combat focused mode yet added to the series. That is changing with the new Apocalypse DLC arriving sometime in February.

New Air Superiority mode will have two dedicated maps: Razors Edge and London Calling. The modes will feature all of the available aircraft plus the two dirigible airships that the series has included.

Check out some gameplay from DANNYonPC!

EDIT: More YouTuber’s are posting videos from this new game mode.

Just a little more excited for Flying Circus

FlyingCircusIf this makes you just a little more excited for Flying Circus, you wouldn’t be alone.

Battlefield 1’s graphics help bring these wire and fabric kites to life. With the expected update of old Rise of Flight content into the core of IL-2: Great Battles series we’ll have an incredible visual update for our favourite WWI based aircraft. And they will be rendered with the latest visuals that the IL-2 series can muster.

Something to look forward to if Battlefield 1 isn’t your thing!

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  1. Habsburger says:

    Finally 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this game mode for more than a year. Sadly not many people seem to share my excitement, instead complaining that the two air maps mean they’ll get only 3 infantry maps instead of 4… in a game where all the other 20+ maps already focus mostly on infantry. Though I guess it isn’t surprising that the average FPS-player isn’t interested in historical warbirds.

    Included within the DLC are also two new bombers, and certainly ones that have to my knowledge never been featured in any game (or any piece of entertainment media, even), ever; Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10! (Source:
    That’s great news!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hadn’t heard about the new bombers. That’s exciting! Hopefully they make their way into regular maps as well.


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