Watch JG51 over Velikiye Luki

Months ago I finished playing the excellent JG 51 over Velikiye Luki campaign by Veteranen. I recorded a lot of my gameplay with the thought that I may eventually do a cinematic for it. But nothing quite clicked for me… until now.

Fun with the FW190

I’ve been flying the FW190 a lot more in the last six months and I’m overjoyed at having a few more versions coming in the future. Meanwhile, the FW190A-3 calls and its a lot of fun to fly. Especially with a quality campaign with some challenging opposition.

This video is a fast, fun, dramatic cinematic that focuses on the campaign, the battle and the FW190.

Check it out!

Want to play the campaign? Check out JG51 over Velikie Luki on the IL-2 forums.




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  1. benetedmund says:

    Great video! That shot (about 20 seconds in) of a glinting Yak (I think) diving vertically is a thing of beauty! Anyway, fear the butcher bird! (Also this is a great advert for user-generated content – which is always a good thing!)

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    1. benetedmund says:

      Or is it a Mig? (My target identifying is always lousy!)

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Thanks for the kind words on the video! That’s a Yak-1 diving with the light reflecting off of it. I really loved capturing that glint at just the right moment. Glad it was noticed!

        I wanted to do a few different shots this time around compared to my other videos … This time I tried to pull the camera back a bunch and focus on the bigger picture too. Seems to have worked!


    2. 1_Robert_ says:

      I agree, that was the shot I remembered the most from the vid. I fly in VR so I forget just how beautiful this game can be. Great vid and great site Shamrock.

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      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I’m still blown away years later at just how good IL-2 looks. It’s very cohesive too as everything looks like it belongs.

        Thanks for the kind words!


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