IL-2 4K skin update continues with new dev update

A new developer diary has arrived this morning with a look at new 4K skins for the IL-2 Model 1943. Looks sharp and comes with a bit of a surprise!

4K upgrade across the board

The way skins work in IL-2: Great Battles means there are actually a couple of different texture files merged together. You have the base texture, plus a bump map and an alpha map and there’s a damage map as well. Layer these together and they create the overall look letting small details and panel lines shine and allowing the skin to have different levels of reflectivity.

When you redo a skin it’s actually an involved process.

Look at those fine details!

Neeraj =BlackHellHound1= Bindraban is a community member who has been working on 4K textures and 1CGS is incorporating his work into the IL-2 Model 1943 for release in 3.001. This will be the second aircraft we’ve heard of getting the official 4K treatment.

The devs have been clear that 4K textures is optional. If your system has the power, you’ll be able to bump up to 4K textures and enjoy just how sharp everything is. If 4K textures cause a performance loss or you just aren’t interested in them, you can always go back to the default.

This is also the first we’ve seen of 4K damage textures. This should help give a visual upgrade to the damage details that appear on aircraft. Presumably these will have been done for the A-20 and all other aircraft getting 4K upgrades in the future.

4K damage textures seen for the firs time!

Checkout BlackHellHound1’s textures and visit the Developer Diary for more!

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