IL-2 patch 3.001 video round-up

You guys asked for it and here we go with a video round-up featuring some of the latest video clips put out  by the IL-2 community in the days following the release of patch 3.001 and IL-2: Battle of Kuban.

Aircraft focused

Most of the new videos coming out right now are multiplayer gaming with a special focus on the new aircraft in particular. The P-39 and A-20B are especially popular.

That leads me in with Sheriff’s Sim Shack and two excellent multiplayer videos. First, the P-39 first sorties with some pretty intense action.

And another video from Sheriff comes with a focus on the new La-5FN. Sheriff puts the latest Lavochkin fighter through its paces and really shows what it can do.

Not to be outdone we also have the other new Collector Plane, the Bf109G-6, flown in a video by Robin Takolander fighting with some Yak-7B and La-5FN fighters. The G-6 proves quite impressive in this video.

Then on to MagzTV who runs a great YouTube channel featuring all kinds of flight sim related content. His first foray into the new content available in the IL-2 patch is an in-depth review of the A-20B. Magz’ look at the A-20 goes over everything from speed and engine settings to some of the aircraft’s unique features. Did you know it has lights at the back that communicate bomb-bay door opening and bomb drops? Neither did I.

Back with Robin Takolander now with some more A-20B multiplayer action against some ships while dodging enemy fighters. He puts the ample bombload and overall agility of the A-20B to excellent use. Check that out!

Next up we have a P-39L-1 video by Arianne Scharfi on YouTube titled ‘Ace in a Flight.’ This gives you some really good multiplayer action with the P-39 and Arianne making it all the way to ace by using the P-39s array of cannons and machine guns to good effect.

Bo Time Gaming makes a rare IL-2 video with a team-up video. Flying with Bismark, he and Bo and some of the other characters from his channel take the A-20B and Ju88A-4 for some hijinx. Bo Time Gaming has a … unique style, so it may not be for everyone but it can be hilarious at times.

Want something epic? How about Sheriff’s Sim Shack 2 hours and 57 minutes worth of live streaming his first gameplay moments with 3.001. It’s got a little bit of everything from the P-39 and the new rain effects to the Bf109G-6 Collector Plane gameplay.

Those are just some of the videos that I’ve been watching on YouTube since patch 3.001 released.

I want to hear from you. Have you seen a video on 3.001 that stands out to you? Let me know in the comments!


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