IL-2: Battle of Kuban full review coming soon, plus more content

I thought I’d do a short update on some planned content coming out soon for Stormbirds starting with news on the status of my full review of IL-2: Battle of Kuban. I’m also working away on a whole bunch of new content to share with everyone including a new cinematic video I hope to launch sometime soon.

Working on a full review

I’ve been writing between everything else I have going on and my review of IL-2: Battle of Kuban is extensive. I’m trying to juggle writing with playing and I don’t want to rush a half baked review. I still need to get into the co-op and multiplayer side of the latest patch and that’s a major hold-up for me in releasing the review.

I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking settings, flying the new aircraft in the quick mission builder, and trying out the new Career mode. Career mode is superb overall and I really love what it brings to the game. So much so that I haven’t had a chance to really dig too far into the revamped Ten Days of Autumn, Blazing Steppe or the new Sea Dragons IL-2 campaign. But I will!

Trying out the firepower of the new P-39L-1 against this poor He111H-16. You can guess who won.

In general my impressions of patch 3.001 and Battle of Kuban are that they are all kinds of the things that we asked for and more. Ultimately though, I’m trying to answer the question on if the series is living up to the potential I always knew it had – wait till the final review to see how I try and answer that.

Aircraft reviews still coming too

The Bf109G-6 is just one of the aircraft I haven’t reviewed yet. But that will change soon!

While everything else is going on I’m also working my way slowly through each of the new aircraft. Usually I get them one a time allowing me to really focus my attention and give you my thoughts quickly – this patch has given me 5 new aircraft to try out and its taking time to sort through the quirks of each.

You may have already seen my comments on the A-20B and Yak-7B Series 36. Look for the P-39, La-5FN Series 2, and Bf109G-6 coming soon as well!

Getting a little cinematic!

I love doing videos with thew new IL-2 series. There’s things I wish it could do with cameras that I can’t do (at least not yet) but its still tons of fun to make – when I have the right idea in my head.

Right now I’m blocking out ideas and I’ve recorded a couple of clips. Performance troubles have forced me to lower the graphics a bit but I’m hoping that nobody will notice when I finally go to record for real. This will be an ambitious first video with 3.001 with my goal of featuring just about everything that you can do in IL-2: Battle of Kuban in some way – I may ultimately fail at that but we’ll see how close I get.

Longer term I have a goal of doing a “love letter” video wrapping the entire series into a single video. That’s the concept I have right now but we’ll see how it goes. It takes time to develop the right ideas and then they just come into place.

For my previous cinematic adventures, check out my IL-2 playlist!

Just need time

I have lots of stuff planned for Stormbirds over the next few months as new flight sim content comes out but I’ve been so busy recently and IL-2 patch 3.001 and DCS World 2.5 are keeping me so consumed trying out new things that its been hard to focus on just one thing.

Eventually I will get there!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jakub Vaněk says:


    please do not use videos from online play. (Im not saying you do)
    Its immersion killer with all those lags, plane warping etc. and terrible music.
    I cant wait for some new cinematic video, Velikiye Luki is nice!
    Keep up the good work!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Jakub, Most of the time I tend to avoid doing cinematics of multiplayer although I have on occasion done that but the cinematic has been multiplayer focused and I minimized issues with aircraft warping.

      Terrible music is a matter of taste 🙂

      I’ll be aiming to be at least as good as the Velikiye Luki video! Hopefully!


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