IL-2 patch 3.002, fixes, updates

I was sure that the number of updates in IL-2’s status quo shattering patch 3.001 would result in a near-term hotfix, however, the patch 3.001 release went relatively smoothly. Not without a hitch but pretty close to it considering the mass number of updates. Now, patch 3.002 is out and it brings with it a list of 84 changes and additions.

Highlights and new features

I’m going to highlight just a few of the changes that have come with the list of 84 changes that I think players are going to be interested in.

Here’s some key ones:

Clients no longer disconnect from a server when a new mission is being loaded;

This is an issue that has plagued IL-2 multiplayer since the beginning. When a server changes maps previously, inevitably half of the player list or more would be lost with at least some of those people kicked back to the multiplayer lobby. Keeping players plugged in as maps change will do a lot for multiplayer.

You can vote to ban a player who does not occupy an airplane (spectator);

This seems small but its a big one too. It doesn’t happen often but occasionally a spectator will jump in and out of turret gunner stations and cause some grief for players. This will make it easier to remove those players without admin interaction. It’s rare but a useful feature.

Aircraft modifications become available in historically accurate timeframes:
– MiG-3: 20mm SHVAK cannons since June 1942;
– La-5 series 8: M-82F engine and faceted canopy since March 1943;
– Bf 109 G2: transparent armored headrest since November 1942;
– Ju-87D: Bk-3,7 cannons since March 1943;
– Hs 129: MK-103 gun since July 1943.

For single player, this is a great addition because the prior Campaign mode had no timeframe control for modifications. Now, modifications will correspond to historical timeframes and for a history buff like myself, I love this kind of attention to detail in the new Career mode.

Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons roads have been improved visually;

Last big one that I wanted to mention, the roads have been given a visual update on most of the seasonal maps. This looks like a really good update and no doubt one that is, in part, driven by the forthcoming Tank Crew addition which will bring the battle down right to the ground level. IL-2 has always been about that low altitude action so this has an immediate effect too. Check out these screenshots.

For the whole list of fixes including tons of updates to the Career mode, multiplayer, and more on the updates forum thread on the IL-2 forums.

May and June patches

The Bf109G-14 or Spitfire LF.IXe will be among the first two aircraft in the Bodenplatte aircraft release coming in May.

We now have some idea of what the next couple of patches are going to look like. I’m going to loosely estimate that their release timeframes put them in May and then June. Han said this in the update today:

One month has passed since the Battle of Kuban release, but the first Bodenplatte aircraft will be ready next month, therefore we have decided not to delay further and release this ‘tiny’ in-between update…

Tiny it is not, but nonetheless this patch brings with it fixes and no major content additions. Next month that changes as we will apparently see our first Bodenplatte aircraft. Two weeks ago I had surmised from the update that we would see both Spitfire IX and Bf109G-14, however, this sounds like we may get one and then the other in the release schedule. Either way, next month marks the beginning of new major content releases.

In June, Han referenced new mission types coming to Career mode which will further expand that feature:

Now we’re tuning it and fixing the bugs, but in June we plan to add many new mission types.

So, we now have a timeframe on some of these updates. I would guess that May and June patches (3.003 and 3.004) will bring with them new Bodenplatte content along with updates to Career mode and certainly whatever other surprises that the team has been working on.

Exciting times for the IL-2 series folks!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Joshua Cook says:

    3. A player will be executed for firing at allies;

    Umm…. Suddenly this game got uncomfortably too real.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      In Career mode they mean business! 🙂


  2. Blue 5 says:

    I would have bet the Spit as next aircraft to take advantage of Western market interest and because it is quite a bit different from the current Mk V, but since they are providing both clipped and full-wing examples, maybe the G-14 would be an easier first release.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Could be a toss-up as to which aircraft finishes the art process and goes into the flight model building. Either way, in two and a half months time we’re going to have a shiny new Bf109 and Spitfire to fly!


  3. Blue 5 says:


    IIRC, IXs and La-5FNs tend to herald the start of Luftwhining…

    Liked by 1 person

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