VARS Air Racing in DCS

The first round in the VARS World Cup Air Racing is over and they have a really cool highlight reel to show off from it as virtual pilots bank their TF-51Ds through some challenging courses. It looks like a ton of fun!

Virtual air racing? Yep, its a thing!

How many of you have tried out virtual air racing with your combat flight simulator? If you haven’t, you should definitely give it a try some day. Years ago I with IL-2: Forgotten Battles I flew on the air racing server multiple times and took part in some impromptu races sometimes with the same aircraft and sometimes with all kinds of dissimilar types.

It can be fun and a great learning experience on how to fly fast – useful for air racing and for combat scenarios alike.

DCS air racing

Vars-Bevel.pngThe things that make DCS a great combat flight sim; high fidelity flight models, sophisticated system modeling, complex aircraft management, and beautiful graphics also make for great air racing.

VARS is a race series that uses DCS to challenge pilots to complete courses in record times. The Word Cup Air Racing series makes use of DCS and a simple pylon modification to challenge pilots to complete set courses in record times

Yesterday I was watching the stream on Twitch TV and it looked fun!

You can watch the full reel above on Twitch or check out their highlight reel.

More information about VARS and the race series is available on their website.

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