DCS: F/A-18C Hornet video round-up part two

More Hornet videos are coming out from the DCS community now that several prominent content creators have the alpha in their hands and we’re getting to see so much more of the Hornet. Let’s round up all of the latest!

So many videos!


The line-up for videos is immense and I don’t think I can get all of them but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Ralfi’s Alley

Ralfidude’s first video with the Hornet is very short and very sweet with some of his characteristic low altitude flying and daredevil aerobatics between tall buildings over Dubai. If you have no time for any videos… just watch this one for a teaser.


Hellreign82 gives us his first impressions too showing off the Hornet cockpit, flying along the coast, some air combat and giving overall impressions. Hellreign loves the details of the cockpit, the sounds, and how everything looks all around. The video ends with a carrier landing so check that out! Some stuff doesn’t work quite right yet either but what’s why its alpha.

Hellreign did a second video with a quick (7-minute quick) 4V4 ACM setup. Fun to watch!


Back with MagzTV with his second Hornet video. This time, he’s doing some flying in a stormy environment checking out the new storm and rain effects. The effect is really cool and Magz really has a close look at it so check this out for that alone. We also see how the Hornet’s FCS system handles stormy weather and how Magz lands a Hornet in a storm. Also… bonus look at a fun fictional RAF skin!

Devildog is taking the Hornet out for another video as well with some carrier practice. Catapult take-off, landing on a carrier deck, and some air to air combat rounds out this video.

Grim Reapers

Grim Reapers have a trio of videos featuring the Hornet with a cold start and take-off, a look at the cockpit, and a maximum altitude test – something unique in all of the videos we’ve seen so far. All well worth watching and good training with the Hornet when you need it!


YouTuber Redkite takes the Hornet with an in-depth reaction video that is more cinematic and dramatic than the other videos. The visuals are amazing, the sound effects get a chance to stand out, and the F/A-18s capabilities are compared to an interesting type – the Mirage 2000C which is my current favourite.


Want to get an early jump on air-to-air refueling? Check out 104th_Maverick’s video on the early access Hornet giving tips and tricks for refueling operations.

Crash Laobi

Want a Hornet video with a bit of extra spice? Crash Laobi’s ‘Losing my Carrier Virginity’ video is probably the one you want. NSFW yet informative, Crash as usual discusses the pitfalls of multiplayer in the first days after the Hornet is released while also showing off his first landing attempt.

One more Crash Laobi video with a tour of Persian Gulf / Strait of Hormuz. It’s sightseeing in the Mustang showing off the map at a slower speed and covering some geopolitical sensitivities… with a surprising amount of sensitivity. For Crash anyways.

There’s more out there probably

This is probably the most comprehensive list of videos that I’ve ever put together for one module or one round-up. The hype for the Hornet continues to build as release nears and various content creators are pushing as much video as possible to fans. Official release is extremely close.

Despite this comprehensive list, there are more videos out there and I’ve decided that I can’t list all of them nor would your browser or WordPress thank me for doing it. So another round-up is a possibility if readers find it valuable. Let me know in the comments and point out your favourite videos!



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