Canadian and Australian skins appear for DCS: F/A-18C

We’ve previously seen skins for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Switzerland, and some cool looking CAG and Aggressor skins. These cover most of the F/A-18C operators and now we’re seeing some of the F/A-18A Plus variants also covered with the RCAF and RAAF getting the official skin treatment. My reaction? YESS!!

Canada Eh!

The 2017 CF-18 Demo Team features a bright red paint scheme and maple leaf emblem as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.

I’m beyond excited to see the RCAF represented in this module and Eagle Dynamics has pulled out nearly all of the stops. 409 and 425 squadrons are represented in this skin pack giving us one east and one west squadron at Bagotville and Cold Lake respectively. Nice touch!

We also get the 2017 and 2018 CF-18 Demo Team paint jobs which I am beyond thrilled about.


Canadian Forces CF-18s are among a few nations that paint a false cockpit on the bottom of the jet to make it more confusing in fast paced dogfight situations. The F/A-18C doesn’t have Canadian specific equipment but that’s ok and by-and-large the CF-18 has been upgraded to F/A-18A Plus standard making it very close in ability to the Lot 20 F/A-18C that Eagle Dynamics is busy creating.

Aussie Too!


Australia also operates (though they are  winding down and selling their earlier Hornets to Canada) F/A-18A Plus standard Hornets similar to Canada and with early access, Eagle Dynamics is offering skins for 75 Squadron and 77 Squadron based at RAAF Tindal in the north of Australia and RAAF Base Williamtown in the south-east respectively.


Early access coming within weeks or days

These skins and of course the rest of the F/A-18C module are due to arrive in weeks or even days as the time ticks down on the release of the early access Hornet for DCS.

Some speculation suggest that it will arrive in a patch at the end of this week which feels a little early to my guesstimates. My thinking puts release on this module by the end of next week.

If the dozens of new Hornet videos coming out on YouTube and Twitch in the last few days haven’t been enough… Soon you’ll be able to load it up yourself. If you’ve pre-ordered that is. If you haven’t, expect to be knee deep in Hornets for quite a while on the DCS servers.

The early access discount remains in place on the Eagle Dynamics e-Store for just a short while longer. If you’re on the fence… Now is the time to decide!


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