IL-2: Havoc Over the Caucasus campaign progress

I haven’t posted about it until now but I wanted to draw peoples attention towards a promising Scripted Campaign coming to IL-2: Battle of Kuban in the future. Gambit21’s ‘Havoc Over the Caucasus’ is an A-20B campaign that looks to be making its way towards an official release through the IL-2 store in the future. Let’s have a quick look!

Caucasus 1942


The stage for this campaign is set a little earlier than we’re used to on the Kuban map with the battles of 1942 set deeper into the Caucasus mountain range along the Black Sea coast.

Gambit’s campaign appears to feature highly detailed airbases and target areas with a lot of object details and AI scripting.

According to the development updates on this thread on the IL-2 forum, the campaign will feature mostly low level interdiction type missions that the A-20B is more than capable of carrying out.

The aircraft’s twin .50cal machine guns mounted forward and its assortment of small and large bombs give this bomber plenty of ability down low. Especially when combined with the A-20s superb agility and speed.

Release date?

Back in March, Gambit was approximately 75% complete on a campaign that may stretch out towards 18 missions. Details will surely be coming in the near future so keep an eye on this campaign for sure. I’m definitely excited about it!


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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    More blowing stuff on the ground, I like! It’s quite an interesting airplane, I’m really looking forward seeing that one in a good campaign. Perhaps it works with the career mode, I haven’t checked (so much things to do!).

    I wonder if someone would take up the challenge of writing a Ju-52 campaign at some point 😉 I have always been perplex about this one… It’s tempting, and I suppose that by now most of the early problems have been ironed out, but is it interesting to fly during a complete campaign? I mean, it would be awfully fun to fly just for the pleasure of discovering it, but after that?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Someone was and perhaps still is working on a Ju52 scripted campaign. I haven’t heard much about it recently but if it develops further I’ll write up something on it.

      1CGS is also expanding what is available in the Career mode for the Ju52 (and potential future Li-2 and other transport types) so that should help provide some extra variety for that aircraft. Probably in the June or July patch is the rumour.

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      1. Mischiew Rithe says:

        That’s good to know, thanks!
        We’re lucky to have such good free campaigns, and hopefully the DLC will progressively make their appearance, for now it’s still a bit shy. We should soon have Netscape’s Fire and Ice historical campaign, which is quite good and has a very convincing background story (for the Bf 110, not the A-20, so I’m getting even more out-of-topic).

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  2. Toxin 1 says:

    To get a feel for Gambit’s mission building prowess, download his 5-mission single-player Ju52 set called “Pelicans over Moscow” available at the official forums.

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