IL-2 Steam Content update and SALE!

1CGS has worked hard on improving their Steam integration after some changes at Valve necessitated a change and now that the process is largely complete, new content is now available on the Steam Store. 1CGS knows how to celebrate too because there’s a new sale on for both the Steam Store and IL-2 website store.

Battle of Kuban is on sale for the first time


Coming much sooner than I expected, IL-2: Battle of Kuban is now on sale for the first time with a small (but significant for a new product) 10% discount. The La-5FN and Bf109G-6 are also on sale at 15% off. Both of these are the newest Collector Planes that exist independently of any battle package and this is also the first time they have been offered at discount since they became available as a pre-order.

IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad is also on sale for a limited period at 66% off which is probably the best bang for the buck you can get with the IL-2 series. If you’re thinking about dipping your toes in for the first time, this is the best price I’ve seen.


  • 66% off for Battle of Stalingrad  (On special July 14 -15 only on Steam. July 13-20 on website)
  • 15% off for Spitfire Mk.VB
  • 15% off for Henschel Hs-129 B-2
  • 15% for Ju-52 / 3m ‘Aunt Ju’
  • 15% off for La-5FN series 2
  • 15% off for Bf 109 G-6
  • 15% off for Yak-1b
  • 10% off for Battle of Kuban Standard Edition
  • 15% off for Blazing Steppe Campaign (my review here)

Check these out on the Steam Store and on the IL-2 website.

If you’re new to the series or want to get the low-down on IL-2: Battle of Kuban, I recommend checking out my full review of IL-2: Battle of Kuban as well as an overview of the entire series.

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  1. Nil says:

    It is a very good steep for 1C team and will increase popularity of il2 titles. The future is bright!

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  2. Novice-Flyer says:

    I cannot believe how expensive some of these items are on Steam. $32 for the Ju-52, while on the Il-2 website it’s $25. For BOM and BOK it’s $65 dollars for standard and if you buy the two collector planes it comes to $108, compared to $80. I know that money has to be made, but $108 is highway robbery.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Are you seeing the Steam prices in USD or in local currency? The $31.99 CAD regular price for the Ju52/3m works out to $24.21 USD which is essentially what they charge on the IL-2 website.

      It always costs me more with the exchange rate. Steam just frontloads the difference.


    2. Nil says:

      Hi Novice-Flyer thank you for sharing your opinion.
      Bom+Bok on the official website: $50+$50=$100
      On Steam: 47€+47€ = 110€ after current conversion rates.
      So as you can see , it is 10% more. which is a bad “tradition” on Steam to make 1€=1$ or almost. Given the fact that We can purchase this sim on the official web store, it is somewhat justified as Steam takes a huge chunk of it.

      You talked about “robbery”, I totally disagree with you. To understand that, I expose you the sad reality of this kind of sim market. Do you know why Microsoft abandoned Combat flight simulator , Flight simulator, and the last one “Microsoft Flight”? because it was not profitable enough. The reality is There are to few customer to buy theses products which are too much expensive to product. They call it “a niche market”. Compared to War Thunder, too few people are willing to do simulation as the learning curve is tough. Most players want something easy and arcade. One time, Jason said “players want to pick up a gun and shoot”

      Thus , Hard core simulator like Il2 great battles series will appeal only a few people. and yet, they are very expensive to produce as the details and the graphics quality increased over the years, and the level of accuracy increased as well. Just compare IL2 1946 to this one. This one is the result of much more work than the old one!

      Thus , this Il2 simulator is not profitable for the dev team. It is very risky as well for them. Proof is Jason had hard time to find investors as they understood it is not a profitable product as it appeals for too few people. Also finding competent people who agrees to be paid a Russian salary is hard as well.

      Do you understand now? if there was not 1C company to produce it, I really not believe other people would do a sim like that. They are struggling a lot in fact. Of course I understand it is a lot of money for some people , but there are sales sometimes and we spend a lot of money for other things in life, so spending money for our passion is logical in my opinion.

      I am a real pilot myself and I find flying Il2 is what comes closer to the reality .
      Thus, the best thing to do to encourage their work is to buy their product directly on their official website so they can beneficial all the money you give to them.

      They are a dedicated, passioned , creative Team, proof is incredible quantity of feature they made over the time, never seen on other simulator. It is amazing given the fact that they are such a small team. If they were not here, I do not believe anyone could produce a sim like that and we would be stuck with the old Cliff over Dover or even worse Il2 1946. They work hard, even during their free time and even overnight so don’t you think they deserve what we can give to them?

      Thank you for reading me until the end and have a safe flights

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  3. Novice-Flyer says:

    Hey Nil,
    I see your point that some games need to be profitable. But up to a certain point. I would say that $28 is a fair price. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz and some RoF content is sold at that price, which I believe is fair.
    I see that you mentioned Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here is something that about Microsoft Flight simulator that has to do with Steam.

    In 2006, Microsoft Flight Simulator X was released in two versions: Standard and Deluxe, both costing $10. In the Deluxe edition there were more missions, 2 new aircraft: Grumman Goose and Maule M-7 Orion with and without skis, as well as 3 aircraft with Garmin G1000 cockpits. In 2007 an expansion pack was released: Acceleration. It costed $10 and came with 3 new aircraft, EH-101 rescue helicopter, F/A-18 Hornet, and P-51D Mustang for racing. There were many new missions which included racing, Carrier operations, Rescue and Sling load missions. Textures for racing locations and military airports were updated.
    Then in 2014 a Steam version of FSX was released for $28. However, the Steam version didn’t come with new aircraft, or missions. What it came with was an updated multiplayer server and compatibility with newer computers. For everyone who had already bought FSX previously, the Steam version is a rip off.

    Following the release of FSX Steam, DLC packs were released. Some of them are mission packs, Discover…, Updated graphics. These I like, but here are some that I don’t like. They will release aircraft that cost $28+, that’s the same price of the game. So basically for just this one aircraft and nothing else, like missions. It costs 28 or more dollars. This is also the same for airport sceneries and Toposim Central America, Africa, etc.
    If you were to buy all of the DLCs, it would cost $5000+. That is why I believe that FSX Steam is a money grabber for people who had bought FSX. Note I do not have FSX Steam.

    I know that this isn’t Sturmovik related, but I hope that you understand where I’m coming from with regards to Steam.

    Safe travels and Flights. Bon Voyage.

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    1. Nil says:

      Thank you for for answer Novice-Flyer. FSX is much less a niche market than IL2 great battles series (IL2GBS). The customer who are interested on civil flight simulation are much more higher in terms of player base than Il2GBS that is for sure. Combat flight simulator on WW2 appeal only a few players, and the more it is a simulator, the less player there is as it requires more work , more dedication to simple fly the airplane. Thus, I do not believe we can compare.

      Moreover, a simulator like IL2GBS requires much more work , research… on planes that you can not fly anymore. Because the flight model is critical on this simulator because it will influence the combat between players. The flight model on IL2 Cliff over Dover is much less accurate than IL2GBS. Moreover, this game has not been finished, so it is a “half sim” (Team Fusion has finished it: they worked a lot…. for free) thus we can not compare because IL2 COD was much cheaper to produce.

      Explain me how it is possible to produce an accurate flight model for plane that you can not fly ?? It is very hard, it requires a lot of work , research thus money. They also added uniques feature never seen like VR. This takes a lot of work as well.

      Also, you are talking about “fair price” It is us, the customer who are not fair, because the people who are doing IL2GBS are paid around $500 a month. It is possible because they live in Russia. They do not have high end work tools . They work sometimes late at night, during the week end. I remember when DX11 update came out, they were struggling to teak bugs because people complained. Surprised Novie-Flyer? welcome to the sad reality. Producing such a simulator is very very expensive and only a few players interested. So it is not really profitable. Proof is that they were close to went out of business. They tried to release a pacific extension, but it was too expensive in terms of research and producing new technologies like aircraft carriers.

      All this explains why they are the only développer to do that currently. Without them, Il2 would simply not exist. Not WW2 combat sim for us.


      1. Novice-Flyer says:

        Team Fusion does not work for Free! No sir. I mean, yes, they did from 2013-2017 when they were a MOD group that released MOD patches to improve Cliffs of Dover. But after signing the agreement with 1CGS in 2016 and re-releasing the game as IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz for $29, Team Fusion is now recognized as a developer for the game and they’re now getting paid for everything they do from now on. As a thank you, they even made it so that people who got the original game would get Blitz for free. This will not happen in the future. Even before the agreement, TF 5.0 (Tobruk) was planned to be their first paid DLC which would add new flyable aircraft and fix many bugs, as well as adding features to make the game more realistic. Now that’s coming very close to being released, I’d say maybe late this year or early next year. VR will be added 6 months after. If they didn’t sign the agreement, then 15 flyable aircraft (no AI aircraft) wouldn’t be planned (P-40, Beaufighter, D.520, etc.), and the map would be just a low budget, less detailed map instead of a comprehensive, professionally developed map like BoX. I see this game covering Malta, Operation Torch, Sicily, D-Day, maybe several others, and with 150+ flyable aircraft/variants. In a several years it will be: If you want to fly in the Med, Battle of Britain? Get Cod. If you want to fly in the Eastern and Western (44-45) fronts, Pacific Theatre, WWI and Korean War in one entire game, get BoX.

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      2. Nil says:

        I do not like that Il2 great battles is without a Battle of Britain episode .
        I have COD but it did not convinced me. How can it when you know and enjoy IL2 great battles?
        Considering the fact that I like early war and mid war scenarios, for me, not letting IL2 great battles to get a Bob episode is such a waste and suicidal given the fact that we have already most aircraft. I hate that choice they made, simply put. That is just my opinion and what I feel.

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