Battling it out on Hoggit’s DCS: Georgia at War server

“Uzi 9-2, Fox 3!” Followed by a second “Uzi 9-2, Fox 3!” and then a triumphant “Splash one bandit!” That was my night tonight on Hoggit’s excellent Georgia at War server that they have setup on DCS World. This newbie friendly server is relatively new on the DCS multiplayer scene but they have an excellent concept for a server that I’ve found to be really appealing as I break into DCS multiplayer. Let’s talk about ‘Georgia at War’.

Newbie friendly, all out DCS multiplayer war

Georgia at War is a PVE or player versus environment DCS World server (on the beta branch) that runs an interesting scripted system where the AI plays against human players. Blue and Red teams vie for control of part of DCS’ Caucasus map as the AI takes territory, base by base, while human players and AI ground forces, take control when the coast is relatively clear thanks to a successful air campaign.

I found out about the Georgia at War server via r/Hoggit and the Tuesday Noob Question session that they host both on r/Hoggit and on the Hoggit Discord server. The question thread is all about answering questions for newbies and getting more people involved with DCS (particularly with multiplayer). They will attempt to answer any question:

No question is too noob for this thread. If you felt like you had a question but didn’t want to bother people with it, now’s your chance.

I love this approach as it breaks down barriers and opens things up for players who are just trying to make sense of everything.

Georgia at War uses and encourages players to get setup on SRS (Simple Radio Standalone) which mimics real radio operations and is integrated into DCS aircraft. If you punch in 245.500 on the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet’s radio control, it puts you on that channel in SRS as well and you can communicate on there. It’s realistic, its immersive, and damn is it cool.

I’ve been practicing my radio calls as well and I’m getting pretty good at calling out the basics. I may not have quite the right procedure down but nobody has said anything yet. Saying things like: “Anapa traffic, Uzi 9-2, taxing to active runway 0-4.”

If you need a little help, I think Ralfi’s coaching of Arlios in the following video is one that at least covers some of the ATC work that will get you started. There are many and more resources out there but this is a fun one (please feel free to suggest your favourites).

They also have a Twitch TV channel which frequently has ‘Anapa cam’ which is kind of like just putting a web cam at the end of a runway with the ATC frequency tuned in.

One more thing, Georgia at War also has a dynamic map of what is happening on the server. You can go on and watch it at any time and see what’s happening. It’s a basic GCI readout and you can see both red and blue forces as they battle for control over this corner of the map. That is really cool in my mind!


I’ve had fun just watching aircraft landing and departing and, at one point, an E-3 Sentry AWACS flew back to base to refuel and I caught it just as it was coming in while watching on Twitch. It all feels very alive!

Two bandits splashed

Earlier tonight I ventured onto the server for my second go at flying in Georgia at War. My first time out was spent dealing with a lot of technical issues with SRS and my diverted attention saw me get shot down by a SAM at one point because I just wasn’t ready.

That’s ok, this server is very newbie friendly, and we all just carry on.

Tonight, I had no technical issues and my knowledge of the F/A-18C is really coming together. I know how to fly it, I know how it handles, I understand the basics of its sensors and countermeasures and I know how the radios work. There is so much more for me to learn both about the systems and about tactics but I’m finally starting to feel like I’m in a good place with this jet.

On my second mission of the night, things get hot. Chased by MiG-29s at multiple points during my first mission, I end up taking up a standard CAP loadout for my F/A-18C: four AIM-120Cs and a pair of AIM-9Ms on the wingtip rails. Oh, and a fuel tank under the fuselage.


Somewhere over Maykop, the site of a forward operations base that our helicopter forces are currently capturing (at least one helicopter was piloted by a human), a pair of MiG-29 nails appear on the RWR and I go for an offensive push towards them.

Master arm on. Air-to-air mode on. Radar locked on the first bandit in STT mode and closing the distance.

At this point I was worried that the second MiG-29 was going to lock me up but nothing happened and I saw him streak past about 10km away (watch those contrails). Meanwhile, MiG-29 one is dead ahead, my radar is locked, I call ‘Raygun’ making sure that the IFF hasn’t failed, but there’s no answer. This guy is a bandit for sure.

The ‘Shoot’ label pops up on the HUD and lights start flashing in the cockpit. My jet is locked, the AIM-120 is in range, and were past the point of no escape for my missile. It’s time to fire.

“Uzi 9-2, Fox 3!”

My first AIM-120 flies off the rail towards the target. Nearly 20 seconds later… no hit. Closer now, I’ve got my second AIM-120 ready to go.

“Uzi 9-2, …. Fox 3!”

Seconds later, waiting for confirmation, and it looks like this isn’t going to happen. We’re in sidewinder range now.

“Uzi 9-2, Fox 2!” and my sidewinder tracks that MiG-29 straight in to target.

“Uzi 9-2, bandit splashed!”

Minutes later, a similar scenario would play out locking up another MiG and shooting it down as well.

Two bandits splashed and its time to go home.

On finals to Anapa runway 04.

What a rush!

This being one of the first few multiplayer situations I’ve been in (I’ve got another story to tell soon), I found Georgia at War to be a great crossover point for going between single and multiplayer.

With the server script generating enemy aircraft and ground forces in a random enough way that you never know what you’re going to run into, the whole server feels alive and with plenty of unexpected situations. Sometimes an enemy fighter gets through the defenses and suddenly you’re on the defensive near base. Other times, the team is pushing hard like tonight and capturing new territory.

Me (foreground) and another Hornet on the ramp at Anapa

This is all a lot of fun and I really can recommend it to new players coming into DCS World and potentially to veterans who want the PVE experience.

You can find Georgia at War available on:

They also take donations if you have a few spare bucks that you want to throw their way.

Check them out!


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  1. arkhamuk says:

    This sounds great. Multiplayer is intimidating and this sound perfect to guide through the first stepping stones.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That’s definitely part of what this server is about. That it has a strong community surrounding it with multiple avenues to ask questions helps too!


  2. Thanks for this! It’s really intimidating to get started as a new person in multiplayer, but this may be perfect.


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