DCS: F/A-18C’s roadmap including JHMCS, bug fixes

Interest remains intense on new features for the DCS: F/A-18C module and what features are being added to the jet next. Eagle Dynamics latest mini update might as well be considered a full featured update because they talk a lot about what is in the pipeline next. Let’s go through some of the key parts of this update.

Bug fixes are key

The last few hotfix beta patches have included various attempts at fixing the Hornet’s somewhat problematic radar. It seems to either work or not work and maneuvering seems to cause it (and the pilot) some grief. Well, Eagle Dynamics is working on that:

Much our Hornet work has been focused on an overhaul of the Hornet radar. As you might imagine, this has been a huge task, but it will be worth it for the Hornet and other aircraft. As of today, it’s near impossible to shake a lock with just ownship maneuvers. Now we just need to have the radar RTS after lock loss and MEM mode times out.

That certainly sounds like good progress. It’s also interesting that Eagle Dynamics is working on the Hornet’s radar with an eye to other radar systems. Will FC3 aircraft get a new radar model later on for example? Or is this more for future modules that they have planned such as the F-16C and F-4E? We don’t know that exactly but it’s always nice to hear that they have future plans.

Another radar bug fix is the flashing X on the HUD when radar is not turned on during a cold start. That is now going away.

New features coming our way

Some are excited by bug fixes while others really want to see development push forward on some key new features that will add considerably to the Hornet’s capability. JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System) is pretty big on the list and we have our first screenshot showing it off.


Eagle Dynamics reports that it’s still very early days for this feature so it will take time before all the symbology is complete for example.

Also big on the list are the Hornet’s first precision smart weapons and that includes LGBs and the HARM missile. Those are on the roadmap now along with AIM-7 HOJ (home on jam), MK-82YT high drag bombs, and the CBU-100. Cluster munitions will also apparently have greater and wider area effect (and one wonders if the work on the Mjolnir for the AJS-37 is having some added benefits).

As always, expect these features to slowly roll out to the beta and then to the stable versions of DCS World 2.5 as things are developed. Matt Wagner from Eagle Dynamics has also pointed out that development continues at the same pace, however, new feature additions will be somewhat slower owing to the complexity of what they are building right now.

More to come on all of this no doubt. In the meantime, check out the latest update for more details!


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