Mini update for DCS: F/A-18 on JHCMS, AGM-65, FPAS, more

DCS: F/A-18C continues to grow in feature-set and Eagle Dynamics’ Matt Wagner has dropped another mini update for us which is actually a bit larger than something I’d call mini. We’ve got new details on all kinds of new features and I’ve got some highlights for you!

JHMCS, FPAS, AGM-65 and more!

The Hornet is about to gain some interesting features. The FPAS (flight performance advisory system) will be added and so will the JHMCS (joint helmet mounted cueing system) which has been talked about a fair bit recently. Adding this feature with the together with the AIM-9X really opens up the Hornet’s close in dogfighting abilities.

Corrected A/A antenna logic is another one. F/A-18C’s radar in DCS so far has been spotty at best and I’m looking forward to that being sorted out. AGM-65E, a laser seeking Maverick, will be the first to be added to the jet. The AGM-65F (IR seeker optimized for anti-ship) and G (IR with a heavy warhead) Maverick missiles will come in November.

Here’s Matt Wagner on some really key info on development:

We, for the most part, have four guys working on Hornet systems and here is what they are working on:
1- JHMCS. Afterward he moves on to the HARM.
2- AGM-65E. Once done, then AGM-65F and G.
3- A/A radar antenna. When complete, then LTWS.
4- FPAS page. Then after that, then probably “soft lock” IFF or Data Link / SA page.

The Hornet systems team is working full time on the Hornet, but some of the items are complex and take time. No one is slacking off.

The last part is likely aimed at some of the complaints that the Hornet is taking a while to complete.

The HARM continues to be a priority for many in the community and Eagle Dynamics appears to be on the case!

Matt’s update also talks about a second mini campaign, ten new training missions, and later on more training missions for CASE II and CASE III landings as well as the AIM-7 (once that missile is fully implemented).

Matt also talked about the A/G radar and targeting pod features:

Supporting tech like the A/G radar (we lost our original engineer on this) and an improved FLIR rendering system are in work and are fundamental to A/G radar implementation and the ATFLIR.

A module like this one takes time and supporting tech continues to be an issue. Definitely looking forward to more capabilities but, as Matt is suggesting, patience is important here as they develop these features.

Read the whole update here.

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    AGM-65E means I am keeping my fingers crossed for a TGP not far behind, otherwise we’ll still need to rely on JTAC or supporting Harriers to use them – I’d say A-10 but it would have to set off a few hours before!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      LOL yeah we’d have to send the A-10s out well in advance.

      It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the targeting pods come after. Having the E model will be limiting at first.


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